Night Out with Mr Turkey Central

I got chatting to Ken through his website Turkey Central quite a few years ago but had never met him. He moved to Antalya after I had left to go to Scotland for a year so we were like ships passing in the night.

While I was in Scotland he kindly offered me a room in his apartment if I ever needed somewhere to stay and that in fact was the motivation I needed to book my ticket back here. As it turns out I didn’t need to take him up on his offer but I did appreciate that very much.

Ken had some business ideas that he wanted to run past me so we met up to talk about them for an hour or so at the American style cafe on Atatürk Caddessi.

ken night (3)

As we were leaving Ken went to the toilet and I heard an Australian accent from a table with two lovely ladies so I struck up a conversation. This was the Australian woman.

ken night (25)

And here was her Scottish friend. They were both on holiday and had just met the day before and the Australian was leaving two days later. I would tell you their names but I am useless at remembering names, even if they are Western ones. You can imagine my difficulty remembering Turkish names.

ken night (22)

On his return, Ken was suitably impressed that I convinced them to join us for a beer at Roadhouse. He didn’t even know we were going there but he didn’t put up a fight.

When I got to Roadhouse I met my good friends Tügce and Ebru of The Olympos Team. We go back a long way and it was great to see them again. Ebru was leaving Antalya the next day to start her new job as a music teacher somewhere far away in Turkey.

That’s what happens when you qualify as a teacher in Turkey and want to work in a government school, they can send you anywhere in Turkey to work for the first 3 years and you don’t get a choice in the matter.

ken night (11)

Then I met another lady who I knew from a few years ago, who’s name is Derya. Since my return, she actually helped me out with something via facebook, so it was good to see her to thank her in person for that, although going by this photo I’m not entirely sure she was as pleased to see me. lol.

ken night (12)

I walked the Austrailian lady to her Hotel and on the way there I bumped into some other friends of mine Brian, Nicko and Christina but didn’t have the wherewithal to take a team photo.

On the way back to Roadhouse to meet Ken, I met a bunch of Scandinavians who had also all met on holiday and who were looking for somewhere cool to hang out. I invited them to join us at Roadhouse and Ken was again surprised when I turned up with more people.

ken night (29)

After a beer or two it was getting late, so I then suggested we move the party down to King Bar. However, it took a while for us all to meander on down there, with one of the girls who joined us falling quite badly on the stone steps to the harbour area on the way. Fortunately she didn’t do any real damage but she sure held on tight to the railing the rest of the way down.

It was quite late by this time and I was quite tired so I took a quick photo with the doorman, left the party early and grabbed a taxi home.

ken night (31)

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