Turkish Henna Karaoke Party

A’ wiz hangin’ oot in King Bar yin nicht when ma pal Esra popped up. She asked me if a’ could be the DJ and Karaoke host fur her Henna Party a few days later.


Of course, a’ wiz happy tae dae the honourable duties fur the evening. Any’yin tae keep the ladies happy, that’s ma motto.


Here a’ am wi’ John and his lady friend. He sang a couple ae tunes, includin’ ‘Lady In Red’ which he dedicated tae Esra.


Aftir the main party crowd had gone the ‘Boys In Blue’ turned up wi’ their wee Noise Detection Machine and telt the owner ae the bar the music wiz too loud and asked me tae switch it aff.

Aboot 5 minutes later a’ wiz telt it wiz ok tae start playin’ it again, so that’s whit a did.

Half an hoor later a’ decided that a’ wiz goin’ tae sing, even though it usually isnae a guid idea unless folk ken me.

A’ totally murdered ‘Hey Jude’ in ma usual fashion but got interrupted halfway through when the Bar owner bursts into the bar screaming at me tae stop!

Apparently, the ‘Boys in Blue’ hadnae left an’ jist as they were aboot tae they heard me sing an’ noo the bar is gonnae get hit wi’ a big fine.

Well, needless tae say that pit an end tae that nicht.

Ye kin check it oot in the video below ye kin hear me chat aboot it in this Nob Today..

The Photaes

Cheers the Noo!


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