Unfolding Continuation

Unfolding Continuation

I don’t know what to say really
I’ve been around the block
There was all kinds of things to see
But most of them were cock

I have tried to be funny
Done my best to spin the yarn
I walked all the way to Tipperary
To find myself back in the barn

I couldn’t find the right words
To see the funny side
Of a world that’s going to hell
On an unfair scary ride

But there is money to be made
Apparently that’s all that matters
So I have to put an act on
To make sure my performance flatters

I would rather speak the truth
Directly from my heart
But usually when I do that
It’s like a demented brain fart

So planning and structure are the key
To kidding the masses on
I will learn my lines inside out
Just like any presidential moron

I will absorb the lesson of our masters
To escape their tyrannical scorn
When I have the strength to stand alone
Then like Christ I will have been reborn

I will be a self sufficent soverign
Going about my daily day
With no one in control of it
Except my own chosen way

Or maybe too I am just an actor
Playing out my part
In the opening of a flower
Which resonates in our heart

Everyone will get there in their own time
Although not everyone will make it
The few that do will demonstrate
The fact that we are all connected

Through their thoughts they will transmit
Subtle messages in the air
As they transform their inner being
Even psychopaths will be taught to care

Every movement has a root cause
As well as an equal reaction
Even down to a Mandelbrot set
Life is a two way unfolding continuation

Do we have any choice
In how this world unfolds?
Are we kidding ourselves on
That we are not all drones?

I think we have to believe
Or else there would be no point
And we may as well give up
And just smoke another joint

A rebel without a cause
Is a very dangerous thing
Anger needs to be channelled
To see the good that it can bring

Clarity has to be valued
Insights can come through meditation
Although the dark side has its moments
There is more to life than vegetation

Gaia is taking us back to the garden
Like she has done a few times before
We can choose to go their violently
Or we can hold hands to reach the shore

Going back into the past
We can see what brought us here
Somewhere along the way
We chose to bow down to fear

Now we are be challenged
To look ourselves in the mirror
There is no point in hiding
Decision time is coming nearer

In fact it may already be too late
Maybe history has already ended
And a technological utopia of robots
You will think is quite splendid

Maybe the microchips are all in place
All they need is our permission
We gave them that a long time ago
When we listened to their superstition

If only the Elders would return
And bring back their hidden knowledge
Instead of schools indoctorination
We could start a community college

Where the true meaning of their symbols
Will be revealed once and for all
And then the ones who caused ours
Will be in for their own dramatic fall

Song to Match Poem

Van Morrison – Tir Na Nog

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