V-GO Hotel in Fethiye

So as I mentioned in my previous blog I decided to take my family on a 4 day Gulet Cruise from Fethiye to Olympos with V-GO Yatching Company.

On arriving to the Yachting Company’s Hotel, appropriately named the V-GO Hotel, at around 3pm we left our luggage and headed off to see Fethiye before we returned for Dinner at 7pm.

Despite my wife’s anxiousness to get her meal I decided to go down to the Pool for a quick swim with my son while she powdered her nose in the room as she thought the water would be too cold for her.

It turned out that despite the initial shock on entry, it was actually pretty warm and very pleasant to swim in, that was until my son got in and started his usual antics of jumping on and torturing Daddy.

Believe it or not I have been saying to him for a while to get his hair cut or at least styled a bit, although granted I am not one to talk, but he doesn’t want to so I don’t force the issue. I was a bit surprised though at just how long it was when he popped his head out the water and I saw this looking up at me.

After a quick shower we came down for Dinner and I decided it was time to do my first Periscope broadcast ever to give a very quick tour of the Bar and Eating Area of the Hotel.

Here is the Buffet selection where I got chatting to the manager, Sezer, as I was going along and got a bit carried away with what I was putting on my plate as I took a good helping from every offering. I didn’t regret it though as the food was delicious and my belly was big enough.

After the starter I had ordered Fish as the main course but luckily my plate wasn’t too overloaded. However, as usual my wife and son couldn’t finish their’s so as I don’t believe in wasting food, my belly was at breaking point by the time I had polished off all their rice and vegetables. I felt as stuffed as the Dolmas I had just eaten. 🙂

As we were eating desert, well you have to don’t you, the sun was setting and it was a very beautiful scene as the sky and sea turned Red for half an hour or so. My son was very happy to be there and I was the world’s best daddy at this point although he said the ‘adventure’ he was so looking forward to hadn’t officially begun yet, we were just building up to it.

After Dinner we went back to Fethiye to check out the scene at night time but as I didn’t have too much spare cash to sit in a bar all night, we just walked around the town and my son managed to get another fridge magnet for his collection which incidentally, he keeps in a drawer. Kind of defeats the purpose if you ask me but that’s his prerogative.

We were getting picked up at 9.30am the next morning so after Ellis and I had another quick swim we went down for Breakfast at around 8.30am. Again, the food was lovely and I especially loved the Turkish Menemen even though I am trying my best to be Vegan these days, I do slip on occasion.

I had chatted a bit to the Manager the night before and he seemed an very amiable chap so I asked him if I could interview him to help promote the Hotel a bit and for something to put in my blog and he replied ‘No Problem’.

However, I didn’t get around to it and when I asked him again in the morning he was a bit more nervous but I told him I would walk him through it. He decided he wanted to do it at the Reception, where I guess he felt most comfortable.

This was Sezer’s first interview and I think he done pretty well. He has been working at V-Go for 6 years and has came through the ranks to the manager. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve met a more friendly, personable manager in all my time, not just in Turkey but all over the world.

The other staff members like Alenya and Suna here were also lovely and it is definitely a place I would recommend staying as they are very hospitable and also play cool music at the Bar (like this Jeff Buckley, Lilac Wine) and believe me it is not often I say that.

They also have a Nightclub built into the Hotel which gets used mainly on Friday nights before the Party Boat leaves for it’s Week Long Cruise where I believe the owner Ali, does the DJ’ing.

So, with that all done it was time to go to the V-GO Yatching Office to do the official paperwork that needed to be done before heading off on our cruise.

Aynur appeared from the room just in time, as our Taxi arrived to take us to the office so I thought I’d grab a family photo with Sezer before we left. He told us we were going to have a great time on the Cruise as he had done it on 4 previous occasions and guess what…..he was right!

Thanks to all the staff at V-GO Hotel for making our stay a very pleasant one. We hope to be back one day.

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