V-GO Yachting – Blue Cruise – Day 1 – St Nicholas Island

After Butterfly Island we headed to what is known as St Nicholas Island as Archaeologists believe it to be the burial place of Saint Nicholas but it’s official name is Gemiler Island which means Island of Boats in Turkish, perhaps as a reference to St. Nicholas’s role as the patron saint of sailors.

Apparently there is normally an 8TL charge to go on the Island but the guy on the Box-Office must have phoned in sick for work today as there was no-one there to take any money and we didn’t hang around to ask questions.

For such a small island there sure are a lot of Church remains there with all of them being built between the 4th and 6th century. I guess if you live on an Island that small there is nothing else to do except turn to religion and/or fish.

I fancy myself a bit of a Preacher so I gave a short sermon to all in attendance although I didn’t make as much in the Collection as I hoped.

Aynur was really getting into top gear with her classy poses and no site is too ancient for her charms.

Whereas my son and I just let it all hang out, good or bad.

We were exploring quite a lot of the Island and although I had switched from Flip-flops to Sandals I still should have worn by trainers. My son still had flip-flops but Aynur had indeed learned and put her trainers on.

There was an area that was sectioned off by some very rusty barbed wire that has what was left of a mosaic floor that they were obviously wanting to preserve as best they could.

This was another interesting area that was closed completely which had a theatre and some even more impressive mosaic on the floor, albeit part of the design was a Swastika.

We couldn’t make it to the end of the Island as there were a lot of large rocks and it was just too difficult to negotiate in my footwear. I was going to go back the way we had came but Aynur took us in another direction at a fork in the road and I went along with her wish to explore new territory.

I am glad we did venture that way as it led us to the peak of the Island where the views were absolutely spectacular. I am not a big fan of selfie sticks unless it is for the purpose of getting in a particularly nice backdrop and as my son had his with him I thought this the perfect time to use it.

After taking it though, I noticed how red my Nose was and indeed my legs and feet were pretty red too. I realised then that I should have been using suntan lotion and started doing that the next day as my Rudolf look wasn’t particularly fetching.

Ellis wanted to stay up the hill and watch the sunset so we did that before heading back down to the pier to be picked up as darkness approached. It looked like our boat was on fire but it was obviously something cooking in the kitchen and after our exertions we were certainly ready for some more tasty grub.

It didn’t take long for Fardi to spot us there, perhaps he saw my nose glowing in the dim light, and he was over in a jiffy to pick us up to go back in time for dinner.

As you can see the it was a beautiful sight as Sun went down and we hopped into our cabins to freshen up after a fun filled exciting first day at Sea with V-GO Travel.

Here is the video of our time at St Nicholas Island.

St Nicholas Photos


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