V-GO Yachting – Blue Cruise – Day 2 – Kaş

After a great first day on the V-GO Cruise exploring Butterfly Valley and St Nicholas Island we set off at 5am to get to our next destination, Kaş.

My son and the rest of the passengers slept in their cabins but Aynur and I spent the night under the stars sleeping on the deck of the boat. This meant that when the engine kicked off as the Sun was rising we were woken up and couldn’t get back to sleep too easily, especially as the Sea was really wavy.

I get a bit nervy on Boats when they are not on an even keel, especially when I am not by myself but have other people to think about, namely Aynur and Ellis. The night before Captain said we had quite a long distance to go and although I am sure he was being careful, to me it felt like he was going full steam ahead. So, I spent a couple of hours going ‘Oooooh…..Aaaaahh’ with every sway and after drinking the coffee that Mehmet brought us, I began to feel a bit queasy.

After about 4 hours of cruising along the coastline Dick, Joanna, Seamus and Ellis surfaced from their cabins for Breakfast. They said the swaying was even worse below deck and indeed Katia advised that if anyone was feeling Seasick that the deck was better than the cabin.

My son couldn’t finish his breakfast and had turned very pale and had to lie down at the back of the boat for a couple of hours along with Joanna who was trying to catch up with some sleep that she missed while the boat was rocking.

After 5 hours travelling we stopped for a dip and it didn’t take my son long to feel better and get up to his usual antics with the funny face photo bombs.

There were a couple of Turtles beside the boat when we stopped but I never managed to get a good picture of them. I was kind of weary swimming beside them because when I was Scuba Diving in Tenerife a Turtle started attacking my Buddy and actually hit him on the back of the head. My son informed me that not all Turtle’s attack so I took his word and enjoying the swim while trying not to think about possible ambushes.


After the swim we headed towards Kaş which was only took us about 15 minutes to get there. As you can see it is a small but beautiful village located at the bottom of some mountains. In 1923, because of the Exchange of populations between Greece and Turkey after the Greco-Turkish War, the majority of the population, which was of Greek origin, left the town for Greece and abandoned Greek houses can still be seen.

It is a very nice relaxing village with narrow streets scented with Jasmine flowers. There are many Pansiyons (small hotels) and cafes and bars where many people go to relax after Scuba Diving, which is very popular in the area. Here is the main Mosque of the town.

Although I had been to Kaş a couple of times before, so that I could get a boat to a Greek Island called Maine, in order to renew my tourist visa, I hadn’t noticed that there was an ancient Theatre. However, on this occassion I spotted it from the boat so once we docked I took the family in that direction. On the way there we passed the ruins of a Hellenistic Temple.

Just a bit further West was the Ancient Theatre. It has obviously been renovated quite a bit but there still remained a lot of the older stones. I have a running joke going of taking photos of me playing to Empty Theatres which you can see in the slideshow, but I posted this one here to showcase the beautiful backdrop.

On one of my first blogs I visited an artist called Mehment Isikli who maid Mosaic floors like the one in the Koran Education Centre, which we saw on the way back into town.

I can never resist sticking my head into a hole for a photo opportunity and this one was to advertise the Lycian Way which was Turkey’s First Long Distance walking route, made famous by a British friend of mine Kate Clow.

Kosta Boda

As we approached the Town Centre I was taken with a particular shop called Kosta Boda as the items they had in their window I thought very different and interesting.

I went inside and asked the guy working there if it was Ok to take some photos and he was happy to oblige. He told me that all the stuff was made by 4 artists, 3 of whom were Swedish and the other French. They are only sold by 4 shops in the World and this was the only one in Turkey.

This was the largest piece in the shop and out of curiosity, because obviously I couldn’t afford to actually purchase it, I asked how much it was. Why not have a guess yourself and I’ll let you know at the end of the blog. 🙂

Here is a video of a quick tour of the shop with some information from the shop assistant.

Town Centre

We had 2 hours to spend in Kaş and after returning late at Butterfly Valley I wasn’t taking any more chances to upset the Captain but we still had 20 minutes before we had to be back at the boat so I thought it was time to do a quick Periscope from the Town Square.

I mention in the video about The Hidden Hand of Freemasonry that has such a big influence in World Politics. Unfortunately most people don’t have the inclination to research these matters for themselves and just react emotionally if you challenge the belief systems they have been indoctrinated with since birth.

I thought the window dressing of this outdoor adventure shop was pretty fun and certainly eye-grabbing.

We then took a walk up a side street and discovered a few shops which had some really interesting artwork and artifacts. I would have liked to have spent a bit more time to investigate them properly but the boat was due to leave soon thereafter.

At the end of the street I saw another piece of History I hadn’t noticed on previous trips and that was the Kings Tomb. Here is the info about it…

And the Tomb itself which gets a double thumbs up from me. It’s funny how every single tomb has at least one panel burst open, I guess it got to a point where the possibility of riches inside overtook the need to respect whoever was buried in there…..and in today’s financially stringent times I guess everyone of us would do the same.

Of course, no self respecting town in Turkey is complete without at least one Carpet Shop. Fortunately, this one gave Aynur another chance to showcase her modelling talents.

There are actually Two of these (Pyramid shaped) Pillars at the entrance to the Harbour which again has symbolic meaning in Secret Societies and while I have my own opinion as to what that means there are many other interpretations on the internet if you care to investigate yourself.

I just find it interesting that these things are in front of our eyes all the time yet most people have no clue that there is a symbolic language in the world for adepts, far less as to what the messages are that are being portrayed.

Here’s the story of the day so far.

All that is left to say is……

The Photos


p.s The cost of the item was 40,000 TL which equates to roughly £10,000. Were you close?

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