V-GO Yachting – Blue Cruise – Day 2 – Kekova

So as we continue on our V-GO Yachting trip after leaving Kaş we had another lovely Lunch and headed further along the coastline. I don’t think this photo does it justice but this part of the coast looked remarkable like a Crocodile. Can you see it?

I was just about to have a wee Nap when Fardi appeared to say that we had reached Kekova which is refereed to a ‘the sunken city’ because it was submerged after an Earthquake in the Second Century.

Aynur had actually popped into the cabin to have a shower but I didn’t know that and thought she was watching from the back of the boat so she missed most of it, fortunately I had the video running for most of it.

On my first visit there many years ago I was on a glass bottom boat which let you see some more of the city but you can still see a few remains on the Island. It is uninhabited now apart from a few Goats. You can see nearly all of the coast in the video below.

I gave the camcorder to my son to record me while I rounded up the Kekova section and he accidentally switched it off. I knew the recording would still be on the camera but I pretended to him that he had erased it so that he would take his job a bit more seriously, but I think I may have went too far as he shed a wee tear and I felt bad.

After that I made a joke about it and decided I should go more easy on him as he’s not being paid and is in fact only 11 years old, don’t mention that to him if you meet him though as I still want him to pay attention to the job in hand. 😉

Afterwards we headed to a very tranquil spot to spend the evening and the Captain went off on his Dingy and came back with some Charcoal to cook the meat for dinner although I am not quite sure where he got it from as there didn’t seem to be any shops nearby.

Turkish people are resourceful when it comes to money making ideas and first of all a man on a boat selling Ice Cream came by and of course my son asked me if he could have some to which I replied yes, with his own money. When he found out that it was 7 Lira for a standard Cornetto he decided not to bother, must be his Scottish blood.

Then the Watersports guy came by and wanted 25 TL per person. If it were 10TL each the three of us would have went on and he would have made some money but we didn’t have 75TL to spare so unfortunately couldn’t participate. I actually have a dodgy back anyway so I wasn’t too sorry about not taking part in that particular area of fun.

Here is the story of the day.

Dick had bought some traditional Turkish music when he was in Cappadocia and had asked the Captain to play it over the loudspeakers. Aynur expressed an interest in dancing to it so I suggested a dance competition between her and Ellis.

They were a bit slow to kick off so I had to step in and get the party going…not for the first time. 😉

It really was a beautiful spot to stop and after Dinner this time Ellis joined us up on the top deck.

I got up with the Sunrise to take a few photos as the scene was really gorgeous.

As they were still sleeping I made another live Persicope video and a few people even joined the stream at the end so I whispered to them for a couple of minutes.

I then had a swim in the Sea by myself for about 20 minutes which was the most peace I had on the whole holiday, well apart from the fish jumping out of the water behind my head and giving me a bit of a fright.

After Breakfast we were on our way to Simena.

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