V-GO Yachting – Blue Cruise – Day 3 – Kaleköy (Simena)

We had spent 2 great full days with the V-GO Yachting Company and there was only one more to go which we were to spend the majority of it visiting Kaleköy (Castle Village) or Simena as it is also known and is only reachable by boat.

blue cruise (540)

Here is a brief History of the place.

blue cruise (603)

As I was getting ready to go out I picked up my sunglasses in my cabin to notice that they had a big crack in the middle of them, which I think was caused by someone’s big crack sitting on them but I couldn’t prove that and my wife denies the accusation strongly. I knew Ellis would appreciate the fact that they were about to burst though so I took them out of the cabin and put them on in front of him and they duly snapped much to his amusement.

blue cruise (542)

The tour was officially from Fethiye to Olympos but the boat was going to drop us off at Demre and a bus was to take us to Olympos. In the past they went to Olympos but boats are not allowed to dock there any longer and Katia explained that it takes 8 hours on the boat and there is nothing of particular interest to see on the way, so they don’t do it anymore.

We had to board the Dingy to get ashore and with 6 of the passengers and Fardi driving I was just praying that we wouldn’t capsize as I had taken my camcorder and camera with me but thankfully we made it without a hitch although I don’t think Joanne was too impressed at the climb she had to make to get out of the boat at a cafe’s pier. Luckily, as a gentleman that was behind her on the Dingy I didn’t look.

We had the option of visiting Myra from Demre where they have Tombs in the side of the Mountain but here in Simena they had a couple so I took my son up there for a climb inside. When he got there he said there was black moss on the roof and that it was dangerous to breathe but I went inside anyway, disregarding my health to disrespect the dead person who’s tomb it was once again.

blue cruise (554)

It was then time to pay the Castle a visit which cost 10TL per person but thankfully my son got in for free as I had only taken 40TL with me, 10 of which was my sons cash. We then made our way up to the top of the Castle.

blue cruise (506)

Here’s the gang gettin’ ready tae climb the steps which I don’t think were part of the original building. 😉

blue cruise (592)

Thanks to his computer games my son knows every weapon under the sun and how to operate them intrinsically so this Cannon was a no brainer.

blue cruise (575)

Holding onto that large pole I felt like the King of the Castle.

blue cruise (582)

This Cave was situated directly under the Flag.

blue cruise (590)

My good self, playing to another empty Ampitheatre. Maybe one day I will actually get one audience member.

blue cruise (596)

I had left the Castle and waiting outside but Aynur was still exploring. She gave me a shout from her vantage point and I thought it was a good photo opportunity, funnily enough, she was happy to pose again.

blue cruise (593)

After the group appeared we headed through a turnstile into the area with all the Sarcophagus’s of which there were quite a few scattered across the mountain top.

blue cruise (609)

I climbed inside one and as I was leaving I couldn’t help myself break wind in a rather loud fashion. If I wasn’t going to Hell before for disrespecting the dead, I think that one definitely sealed it. Even my son wasn’t too impressed and he normally laughs at my toilet humour.

blue cruise (611)

Ah well, in for a penny in for a pound, I may as well get a romantic shot in a tomb too.

blue cruise (621)

We made our way back to the cafe for a Çay before the Dingy came to pick us up but I had one more photo opportunity to take care of as I had seen this particular Sarcophagus on many pictures of Turkey and it is quite iconic. The shells jaggy rocks on the sea floor didn’t make it too easy to get to but ever the intrepid explorer I managed to get the shot.

blue cruise (632)

Here’s the story of the day so far.

The Photos


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