V-GO Yachting – Blue Cruise – Day 4 – Pirate’s Cave

This was the scene as we woke up on the boat from a bay in the Kekova area.

We had one more port of call before the V-GO Yachting trip was to come to an end and that was a visit to Pirate’s Cave. I don’t know anything about why it is called Pirate’s Cave although I am guess it is a marketing gimmick rather than something to do with actual Pirates.

Myself, Ellis and Seamus were the first to swim out there and the rest of the gang joined us with Aynur bringing up the rear. There were Bats inside the Cave but alas we didn’t find any Treasure. I waited at the entrance with her as Ellis went back to take a couple of photos.

After everyone was safely back on the boat it was time to head off for the final leg of the Boat trip to Demre Harbour.

I had a chat with Mahmut on the way there and told him how great his food was, which I think he appreciated.

Then all too soon the Harbour appeared and it was time to disembark as the tour had come to an end. I was genuinely very sad about this as I was having a fantastic time and could easily have stayed on the boat for another few days at least, quite happily.

Here is a collection of short clips that I pieced together from the trip that didn’t make it onto the other videos.

Once we got dropped off at Demre a shuttle bus took us to Olympos where Joanne, Dick and Seamus got out to spend a night there but we stayed on the bus directly back to Antalya as we were pretty close to there and I promised my son that we would go there for a weekend sometime soon. I’ll let you know how that goes in due course.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed taking the virtual V-GO Tour with us but of course nothing can compare to the real thing so if you are looking for a great way to spend a few days I can’t recommend highly enough touring the coast of Turkey while getting taken to Historical sites and fed delicious food while you do it.

You can check out V-GO Yachting facebook page and call them directly on +90 252 614 4004.

Here are a few videos which shoe off other testimonials about their Hotel and Yachting company which were made for them by E-Video Agency.

Thanks to the Crew and all the Staff of V-Go we certainly hope to be back with you sometime in the future.

Last Day Photos


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