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So at after leaving the V-GO Hotel we were taken to their Yachting Office where we met one of the owners, Katia, from Belgium and an English Lady called Helen, who works for V-GO Travel.

I was also introduced to Aslı and Rumeysa and as usual, I couldn’t resist a photo with myself and the lovely ladies. I got my son into the action as well and I’m sure my wife didn’t mind taking the photo at all. She is understand like that.

While we were waiting for the other guests to arrive I got chatting to Katia about how the business started and I thought it would also be good to interview her as she was lovely and I like to help to promote people who do good work and take care of their customers, which she and her team obviously did. I quickly drew up a few questions and then turned the camera on to record the interview.

I got her to write the answers down and send them to me for this blog, just in case you can’t watch the video for some reason.

When and how did V-GO start?

In 1998, Ali and I bought our first gullet, called Nicola. She was a little 6 cabins standard wooden yacht.
We wanted to do something new, so we decided on trying a new route, Olympos to Fethiye.
We found 7 Australian backpackers on the beach in Olympos, took them to Fethiye in 4 days/3 nights, and upon our arrival, they went and came back with another 7 backpackers that they had found for us! This is how it all started… The next year, we opened V-GO Yachting & Travel. We sold Nicola a few years later, bought new boats, and now we have 4 of our own boats. The other boats in our fleet are hired for the whole season, or for a month, or even a week when needed.

Why choose V-GO Yachting?

We have 18 years experience in providing the Blue Cruise, and package holidays all over Turkey.
We pride ourselves with having highly maintained boats that are safe and comfortable.
The safety of passengers and crew/gullets is always placed above any other consideration.
We all have the practical experience of boats, an excellent knowledge of the area, and we take care of our sea and islands!

Our chefs on board only use fresh and organic food to prepare the most delicious meals.
Our international team speaks fluently Turkish, English, Dutch, French and German. No language problems with us!
As many of us grew up in Europe or overseas, we understand what our customers expectations are.
We do our absolute best to provide a great service, so that our guests can enjoy a most relaxing Holiday in Turkey!

V-GO started as a backpackers Yachting company, but do you also organize other kind of cruises? And do you organize other travel arrangements apart from your cruises?

We still organize our famous party cruises for young backpackers, especially on Saturdays, as this is how V-GO began.

Over the years, we experienced that there were more and more people wanting a different kind of holiday. We started organizing family cruises and only adult cruises, that are more concentrated on relaxing and enjoying the beautiful surroundings, having a cocktail or two, reading a book.
We organize anything between first class private yacht charters and budget cabin charters, according to our guest’s wishes and budget.

We organize all travel needs basically from touch down in Turkey until leaving Turkey again.
Airport transfers, hotel reservations, daily excursions, ferry tickets to Greece, and fully organized Turkey package holidays.
With special occasions, such as a birthday, honeymoon or anniversary, we make sure that the persons involved are in for a treat! Whether it be a cake, a bottle of wine or champagne, a punch bowl, or chocolates, and of course decorations.

Which would you think are your most popular itineraries?

Our cabin charters between Fethiye and Olympos are still very popular. We don’t cruise all the way to or from Olympos beach anymore, but the itinerary kept its name. First of all, it is not allowed anymore to pick up or drop off passengers on Olympos beach. And the journey between Olympos and Demre is very long and there is not much to see. Therefore, we have been organizing bus transfers between Demre harbour and Olympos instead, for many years now. Like this, our passengers can enjoy the best sights during their 4 days/3 nights Cruise!

We also do a weekly Cruise, Fethiye-Kekova-Fethiye, that is very popular for those that have more time.
And also the 4 days/3 nights 12 Islands Cruise comes recommended.

We cruise to Marmaris, Antalya and Bodrum too, but our guests definitely prefer the Kekova area because it is the prettiest itinerary, combining culture, history and unique natural sites!

All these itineraries are available for both cabin charters and private charters.

The Cruise Begins

After the other guests arrived to the office, Katia walked us to the boat and gave us the rundown of do’s and don’ts, the main do’s being….do follow the crew’s advice and the don’ts being don’t wear shoes on the boar or put toilet paper down the toilet, use the bucket provided. Apart from that our orders were to enjoy ourselves to the Max which I’m sure was everyone’s main objective anyway. 🙂

We were travelling with Seamus from Australia and Dick and Joanne from America and Katia introduced us to the crew who were The Captain Hagi, the assistant Ferdi, and the Cook Mehmet then it was time to hit the road….er, I mean Sea!

Katia actually looked a little bit sad as she said goodbye to us as I think she wanted to come with us. She obviously loves her boats and I hope her and Ali can keep the company afloat (boom!) in these difficult times.

We waved goodbye to the lovely Fethiye Harbour and felt the excitement of the anticipation of the journey ahead.

For once I caught the boy with a semi-normal face for a photograph. He was even more excited than I at what lay ahead. Little did we know we were to get more ‘adventure’ than we bargained for but that is a story for the next blog.

I settled in to a comfy spot and at this point I should have been applying some Suntan Cream. Not so that I tan, as that is impossible for me, but so that I don’t burn. Unfortunately, I never learn and it didn’t take long for the Sun to do it’s worst.

Aynur started working on her sexy poses immediately, even before she put her Bikini on while still wearing her jeans.

Here is my introduction to the boat with a quick tour of the Cabins. You can see how excited the boy was at this point, at the end of the video.

It wasn’t long until food was served and this was signaled by a Bell beside the Captains Steering Wheel going off with a big ‘DONG!’. The table seemed to have a lot of varnish on it or something that made the plates stick to it which was useful especially at a a couple of times in particular when the sea was a bit choppier.

The food throughout the whole trip was first class. Everything was super tasty and there was always more than enough to go round. We were given Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner as well as Tea and Biscuits at 5pm every day.

So after Lunch it was time to relax on the ocean and take in the beautiful shoreline of Southern Turkey.

Next stop, Butterfly Valley!

V-GO Yatching Photos


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