V-GO Yatching – Blue Cruise – Day 3 – Kekova Bay

So after spending the morning at Kaleköy the V-GO Yachting crew took us to a spot to spend some time relaxing on the Ocean not too far from this Restaurant.

My son was pretty happy with that decision as it meant more swim time. It took me a while to go in as it was definitely a bit more overcast than it had been on the trip so far and I knew the water was going to be colder. Aynur dipped her feet in but never made the plunge.

Seamus suggested to my sun to swim over to the shore and I said that was ok but as they swam there I realised that it was quite a sizeable distance away and if something happened there was no way I could get there in time to help so my heart was beating a bit faster for a while.

Mind you, I knew they had Flippers on and so I trusted that they could do backstroke and make it back ok, which they eventually did, thank god, as his mother wouldn’t have been too impressed if I brought him back to Antalya in a box.

For the next part of the day the captain switched the engine off and they put the Sails up for the first time on the cruise.

It was a lovely change of pace as we just drifted down the Ocean. I had put my socks on as my feet were bright red with sunburn from the first day so I tried to protect them, too little too late though.

Aynur was even more covered up than me but the boy had other ideas, like going for another swim at the final stopping place for the night, another beautiful bay area.

There was a fantastic red sky in the morning which I managed to get a quick snap of before going back to sleep.

Just before breakfast I jumped in for another morning swim. I wasn’t too happy about the fact it was the last day though but I still made the most of it while I could.

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