V-GO Yachting Trip – Fethiye

Billy and Aynur at Fethiye Harbour

I got Married to Aynur last August and as we didn’t have the funds to go on a Honeymoon we have not had a holiday together so I thought it was about time I took her on a vacation, if only for a few days.

My son moved in with us about a month after we got married which came as a bit of a shock to Aynur but fortunately after some initial teething problems they got used to each other and now chat away in Turkish together while I am left feeling like a stranger in my own home as I did when I was married to my son’s Turkish mother.

One of these days I will find the time to study Turkish properly but it seems that I always have other things to do, like try to figure out how to make money in a country where I can’t get a job legally. I had some interesting debates with the people at the Immigration office over this when I was getting my Residence Permit but I’ll not go into that here or else this blog will turn into War and Peace…..minus the Peace.

So after a full Winter sitting in front of my computer working on various projects, while my son sat in front of his blasting various people into oblivion and Aynur sat in front of my old notebook waiting an age for any page to load at tortoise speed, I thought a break would do us all the world of good.

I always wanted to do a Gulet Cruise in Turkey and I spotted a great deal with V-GO Yachting company which left from Fethiye and went to Olympos, which is only an hours drive from Antalya so I took the plunge and booked up.

I decided to go to Fethiye the day before the trip and stay in the V-GO Hotel, which is obviously part of the same company, so that we were fully rested and ready to travel on the day instead of doing a 3 and a half hour bus journey in the morning of the trip.

After arriving at about 3pm we left our luggage in our room and headed off to see some of Fethiye town centre before we returned for Dinner which started at 7pm.

My son used to be very boring in photographs but obviously my insanity has rubbed off on him as he has to make a silly face in nearly every one now, so expect a few more as we go through the story of the trip over the next few blogs. Here is his first one on the walk from the Hotel to the Town Centre.

I was planning on showing them a little bit of culture by taking them to Fethiye Theatre but it was closed for renovation. You can see how it used to look in the video below and if you follow the road away from it to the left, that is the part of the harbour where we took the previous photo where directly opposite sits the V-GO Travel Agency office.

I think they will start putting on shows at the Theatre in the future and as you can see in the video it really wasn’t up to that in the condition it was in previously. I had actually visited Fethiye before and enjoyed spending time in the Theatre and to me it looks a bit too shiny with all it’s new stones so I hope they don’t spoil it’s ancient character too much but nothing stops progress as they say.

I was last in Fethiye in 2011 and since then a new statue has appeared in front of the Theatre to commemorate the Pilot, Fethi Bey, whom the town was named after. Here is a stone tablet telling the story of how that came to be.

Here I am in front of the statue of Fethi Bey, wings and all, looking over the Harbour.

What did I tell you about my son’s faces? Anyway, the sign says that we should ‘care about the street animals and please give them water’, especially these days as the tempreature in the oven has turned up several notches!

To get out of the Sun a little bit we walked down Umbrella Street. There is a similar street in Antalya. I’m not sure which was first but in Turkey they are not shy to copy a successful idea, that’s for sure.

For instance, in Antalya Harbour there are quite a number of Pirate ships in the Harbour which offer daily tours which sprang up up no doubt springing up after Pirates of the Caribbean was a Box Office Hit.

This wall was hidden behind a tree but I thought it worth taking a picture of as a reminder that ‘Peace’ could be a good idea, which I am sure most everyone agrees on but obviously turmoil benefits some people, mostly those who profit from War.

I am sure you have heard of the bombs going off in Turkey off late and how that has affected tourism here but I can honestly say that in my 10 years living permanently in Turkey I have never once felt in any danger.

I find it a bit of a shame that people are so easily put off coming here as the chances of anything happening to them are really almost non-existent, unless of course you go looking for trouble and then no doubt it will find you.

This looked like the Town Hall of Fethiye and they had a big poster advertising the various events that were taking place during the 9th and 10th of June which were part of a festival called Nature Week.

Every town in Turkey has it’s obligatory statue of Atatürk and as this one had steps leading up to him well I thought that was all the invitation I needed for a photo with him. Again, there is a similar one in Antalya with him holding another little girls hand which I believe represents National Soverienty and Children’s Day.

There were actually a few Ballerina Statue’s like this in the Fountain and I was pretty shocked to see them in the centre of town given that this is a Muslim country and they traditionally don’t flaunt woman’s underwear so brazenly but times are changing everywhere and I guess it’s ok if it’s Art, eh?

Yep, my son is at it again with his face but although some may find that disrespectful I feel that if you want to have a memorial to honour the dead that fought for the country, Ok, I can understand that but I have to say I don’t like these kind of War Memorials.

I don’t see the point of making these statue’s so explicit as to me it glorifies War, so if a kid wants to make a silly face while getting his photo taken with it then that is harmless by comparison. The rest of the statue has some other very graven images and you can check them out in the slideshow at the bottom of the page.

While at the Harbour area I stopped to make a quick introduction video to Fethiye and the trip were were about to go on.

As we were walking back to the hold I noticed a small group that were doing a demonstration of some kind so I went across to find out what it was. It turned out that it was a group of women protesting what has become known as the ‘marrying your rapist‘ law.

I needn’t go into it in much more detail as obviously it is very sick to even contemplate forcing a woman to marry anyone far less their rapist, but that is indeed what Parliament is currently in the process of doing. The mind boggles.

These kind of things are another reason why Turkey is getting a bad name abroad but let’s face it, Governments everywhere are insane and the majority of people in every country can’t figure out why these ridiculous laws keep getting passed.

I could talk about it more but I won’t in this particular blog. It is just a shame that there weren’t more numbers at the protest or is it because people know that it usually doesn’t do any good anyway and people don’t feel like they have any voice anymore?

After a swim and a beautiful dinner at the Hotel which you can read about in my next blog we went back out to Fethiye to check out the Evening scene. As you may know by now, I am always on the look out for interesting photos for the blog and so when I saw this Anchor, I immediately pictured myself under it.

I have my son well trained in the photo taking department, although sometimes he does have the odd lapse in concentration which I will come back to in the Kekova part of the trip but in the main he does a good job.

As you can see in this photo he is getting the benefit, if you can call it that, of learning from the master of silly photo posing.

The irony of people staying away from Turkey this year is that the place is even more safe than ever but I do feel sorry for the shopkeepers who have lots of interesting goods but no-one to at least haggle with. If I had spare cash I would have bought a few things just out of sympathy.

The bar area section of Fethiye was a little bit more crowded but you can still tell that it should have more people there at this time of year. Still, at least you get the full effect of the paintings of the flowers on the stairways.

My wife and son both said that they liked Fethiye a lot and would like to come back and spend more time there.

We didn’t have time to go to the Çaliş Beach area where, surprise, surprise, the beach is but also where a number of bars and restaurants is located if you want a bit more of the party scene.

So all in all, Fethiye is a lovely Seaside Town and if you would like to visit I am sure you could get a good deal with any Hotel right now and some special attention as they are not full to the brim by any means.

In my next blog I will introduce you to Sezer, the manager of the V-GO Hotel and give you a tour of their place.

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