Vespbar and Scottish Comedy Awards – 8/4/14

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Vespbar Saturday Night

I seemed to be pissing up against too many walls and getting nowhere fast what with the various promoters who won’t book me and the Edinburgh Festival organisations who turned my application down so when I emailed Viv Gee for a comedy gig and she told me that I needed to do Vespbar Virgins first, I told her I had done it and sent her a link to the gig along with a message saying I was thinking of quitting comedy.

A few weeks later she invited me to perform at the Late Show at Vespbar during the Glasgow Comedy Festival, I think possibly cause she couldn’t get anyone else. lol.

Kicking The Police

Anyway, as I have a lot of respect for Viv and because I do love that venue I took her up on the invitation. I was glad I did because I had a really good night. Here is the gig I performed.

It was good meeting up with Joe McKeown again and I enjoyed his set as well as the other comedians on the Bill that night.

Billy, Viv Gee and Joe McKeown

A couple of days later she sent me a message on facebook which pleased me greatly. Coming from Viv it really does mean a lot and helped me to decide to continue on the comedy path. I’ve quit quite a few times already so I would have came back to it at some point no doubt. I’ve heard Heroin is easier to quit than stand up but I don’t want to test out that theory.

Viv Gee Message

I asked Viv if it was ok to quote her to which she agreed, so I hope she doesn’t mind the screenshot. I didn’t think anyone would believe me if I told you straight. πŸ˜‰

She is now putting on an 8pm and 10pm show every Friday and Saturday and Vespbar also does comedy on a Wednesday and Thursday too. It’s a great venue with a lovely atmosphere and friendly crowd, so go check it out if you can and support Live Comedy while you do!

The Photos

Scottish Comedy Awards Photos

Although I said congratulations to her on the Saturday night, I decided to go along to congratulate her in person as she won an Outstanding Contribution to Scottish Comedy Award at the Comedy Awards Show held in Glasgow on the Monday.

Congratulations Viv! x

Congratulations Viv! x

She has always been very supportive of me and even met up with me in Glasgow one day to help me go over some material when my confidence was particularly low.

At the Award Ceremony I mentioned that to her and she had forgotten about it. She has helped so many people in Scottish Comedy over the years that I completely understood. It was great to see her get a standing ovation from many of those comics who she has helped directly by coaching or supported in the gigs she has run. A very well deserved and popular award. πŸ™‚

It was really good to meet the winner of the Best Compere Award, Billy Kirkwood. He filmed Nob Stewart at a Gong Show event which he claimed at the time was the highlight of his filming career to date. πŸ˜‰

Billy and Billy

Des Clarke done a great job of hosting the evening and I remembered when we were both starting out many years ago by doing open mics. He has went on to much greater things since then, while I am still doing open mics. God loves a trier though eh? lol.

Here is the full list of the winners.

Lifetime Achievement: Arnold Brown
Outstanding contribution to comedy: Viv Gee
Best headliner: Gary Little
Best compere: Billy Kirkwood
Best support act: Susie McCabe
Best newcomer: Jellybean Martinez
Best comedy actor/actress: Greg McHugh
Best TV show: Limmy’s Show
Best radio show: Mark Nelson‘s Guide to Marriage
Best podcast: Janey Godley’s Podcast
Best online contribution: Darren Connell’s Twitter
Best comedy writer: How Do I Get Up There?
Best festival or tour show: Gary Little : The Thing Is
Best sketch improv Group: Stu & Gary
Best TV comedian: Daniel Sloss
Best radio comedian: Fred MacAulay
Best Central Belt comedy club (small): Vespbar, Glasgow
Best Central Belt comedy club (large): The Stand, Glasgow
Best regional comedy club: Blue Lamp, Aberdeen
Best event: Glasgow Stands Up For The Clutha

The Photos


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