Vespbar – 2/5/14

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Billy at Vespbar

At Vespbar in Glasgow, I was booked to play two gigs in the same venue on the same night for the first time. I was looking forward to it a lot as I think it is a great room for comedy. Viv Gee is a lovely and very funny host and the audience are always up for a good laugh.

I did get a surprise when I went into the toilet when I arrived to see my name up on a poster in there. Something of a comedy career highlight that. lol. My mate said it made a change from my telephone number being on toilet walls.

Billy in Vespbar Toilet

Here are the two gigs I performed that evening.

Laughter Eight

The Ten O’Clock Show

Dafty News Review

Stephen Hamilton, who is a comedian from Glasgow but living in Germany, approached me just before I was about to go onstage for the 8pm show and wished me luck. I thanked him for that, then started pacing the floor again.

Billy and Stephen Hamilton

Afterwards he explained that he was there to do a review for his Dafty News website and asked if it was ok to take a photo of me while I was onstage the second time. We then got talking and I quickly discovered that he has a very similar outlook to comedy as I do and that we share a lot of the same influences.

He wrote a full review of the evening which included performances from Allan J Park, Ben Mortson and John Gavin.

You can see what he wrote about me below, and no, I didn’t pay him. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dafty News Review

The Photos



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