Vespbar Virgins Gig – 26/12/13

Vespbar Virgins (2)

Since I returned from Turkey I had been easing myself back into the performing world by doing poetry nights as both myself and Nob and some comedy gigs as Nob but I decided to have a go at the comedy as myself for the first time since the Edinburgh Festival.

There seems to be a lot more comedy nights on the Scottish circuit than there was when I left the country about 7 years ago, which is good as I was banned from most of the ones available then.

For instance, Vespbar in Glasgow runs a comedy gig 5 nights a week and Graham Barrie runs the Thursday one called Vespbar Virgins.

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I sent him a request for a gig and he duly put me on a few weeks later. I was quite surprised when I turned up to find that he had put me on as last. I’m not sure if it was technically as a Headliner but I had to close the gig anyway, which was the first time I ever had that role.

I was excited and more than a bit nervous about doing that as I was still trying to find my comedy feet again but as it was a new act night I thought I could manage it ok so I never mentioned it to Graham…until I hit the stage anyway.

I was supposed to do only 10 minutes and was quite surprised when Graham told me I had done enough for two people but as I was last on I didn’t think it was that big a deal and the crowd seemed to be enjoying it even though I brought up the subject of the Old Firm which apparently you are supposed to avoid in Glasgow.

Graham done a good job as compere and I also enjoyed the other acts that were on that night and I have to say, although there are a lot more open spots looking for gigs these days, the standard of them is very good and I wonder just how shit I was when I was starting off.

Here I am with one of the acts Joe McKeown and my friend Tom who’s apartment I went back to stay at after the gig.

Vespbar Virgins (10)

If you are in Glasgow please go along to Vespbar as they are doing a great job of supporting comedy in Scotland and they need your support in order to keep doing so. A good night in a very friendly comfortable venue. Check it oot!

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