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As it is difficult for me to work in Turkey due to various laws and regulations by the lovely ‘authorities’ I needed to find a way for me to survive here so I have been working on a new business venture where I sell different types of Videos to local businesses and provide other internet related services at E-Video Agency… least, that’s the theory.

However, I am not that comfortable chasing money so I build the websites and put the services on there but don’t hound people to purchase from me either online or offline.

I have tried to talk to business owners here but first of all the language is a problem and secondly they just don’t seem to be interested in online marketing and because of the economic situation in Turkey they don’t want to spend anything for which that they cannot see an immediate return.

However, needs must so I took my family to Kaleici one day to try and see if I can sell some of my Reputation Management style videos to some Hotels there.  We got off the bus at Cumhuriyet Square where there was a concert the previous evening to celebrate the failed coup.

We started walking around and as usual I was on the lookout for some interesting things to photograph for my blog, just to make sure that I at least got something worthwhile out of the day.  

Opposite Alp Paşa Hotel was some portraits of famous people like Al Pacino and Charles Bukowski. Here I am posing, trying to look cool by association. 

There were also some bicycle wheels which I tried to hide behind but my son spotted me.


Aynur was wearing a nice flowery dress so I thought she should pose in front of this flowery rug and like me, she doesn’t need asking twice when someone want to take her photo.


I was bursting for the toilet and rather than find a bar or hotel I thought I would help to fertilize these plants.

I guess these could be Antalya’s equivalent to the Twin Towers. 


Although this looks like it could be an entrance to a Kindergarden there were no signs of that. I think it was just an entrance to a house.  It certainly added a bit of colour to the street though.


Here is a street with traditional style Antalya houses which are normally painted white but here they have decided to add a bit of colour too.


I spotted a new Retro Bar called Walkman which I will have to check out sometime as I do like the a bit of nostalgia now and again.

They had some photos outside the bar, including one of Bariş Manço, who I developed a liking for when I used to frequent Adı Bar where Mehmet used to play him from time to time. One of his most popular tracks is about Tomatoes, Peppers and Aubergine.

If you are wondering how we got on selling Videos, well I did sell one to Blue Sea Garden Hotel.  I had met the owner Fatih before and even included his Ali Baba Carpet shop on my blog so I think he wanted to repay me a little bit.

I was offering my son and wife commission if they managed to sell any and it was my wife who made the initial contact with Sibel Pansiyon who also purchased one. So she was delighted to get 20TL in her hip pocket.

I didn’t sell them for anywhere near their real value though and so I won’t be trotting around the streets again in +40 degrees heat but at least we had a fun day out and made a few bob along the way.

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