Wedding Anniversary

It was one year since Aynur and I got married and I thought I’d better make an effort to show her I still care by taking her out of our cave for a few hours. The funds have been a bit low this past year so I haven’t been able to wine and dine her as much as I would have liked but at least we still have a roof over our head, electricity and an internet connection so she can’t complain too much.

My friend Levent has been regularly inviting me along to see his band Leon Trio perform at Roadhouse Kaleici but I haden’t been able to make it.

So as our Anniversary fell on the same day as Leon Trio were playing I thought it was a good idea to kill two birds with one stone and so I decided to take her along to see Levent and the boys rock da house.

We went to the normal Roadhouse bar but they were not playing there but fortunately I had been in Kaleici a few days before and noticed that a new Roadhouse had opened up where Tudors Bar used to be, located near to the Broken Minuret so we headed there in search of the band.

Outside of the New Roadhouse

We thought we were late as it was about 11:45 when we arrived and it said on the facebook page that the gig started at 11pm. However, despite how long I have been living here I always fail to remember that things never start on time here so when we got inside the band were still setting up and there were about 2 other people in the venue. Still, at least we got to choose any table we wanted.

While waiting we done what every self respecting couple do these days and that is take some selfies. Of course, I always have to play the joker.

wedding anniversary (38)

On our Wedding night we ended up in the other Roadhouse where Kaleiçi Organisation took some photos of us and by coincidence they were at Roadhouse to take some photos of the scene there and they also grabbed one of us while they were at it, well we do make such a photogenic couple after all. 😉

Kaleici Organisation Photo

Leon Trio

Due to various factors like lack of tourists and people not being able to afford to go out as much, the old town of Kaleici is quieter than it usually is at this time of year so I was thinking that we would have the place pretty much to ourselves for the evening and as the band kicked into their first couple of songs it was like they were giving us a private performance in honour of our special day.

wedding anniversary (1)

However, not long after that the place started to fill up a bit and it helped to create a good atmosphere.

The first time I had met Levent was at my friends Michael and Seraps wedding where I happened to be sitting beside him at our allocated places at the table. I think Michael must have realised that we would probably get on well, being the two old fuddy duddy rockers that we are.

Levent actually joined the Wedding band for a couple of numbers but I was outside on the balcony shooting the shit with some of my old friends and missed him, which I think annoyed him a little bit, so I hadn’t actually seen him play before.

I have to say though, I was mightily impressed as he is a pretty awesome player and led the band throughout the set, giving the bass player and drummer room to do a spot of improvising themselves. I really enjoyed their music and you can check out some of the songs I recorded below.

Towards the end of the evening Levent gave a shout out to some friends to take over some duties and I noticed it was the guitar player from another great Antalya band Ghostnote along with a couple of other singers. A street dog even came in for 5 minutes to check them out

wedding anniversary (36)

I had to hold myself back from jumping up on stage myself, mainly because I can’t sing to save myself but also because of what happened when I joined Flying Dog on stage. I always have to go for the comedy angle and after a few beers my judgement is probably not at its best so at least on this occasion I managed to control myself.

I had to get up there for a photo with the band though, I couldn’t resist that.

wedding anniversary (40)

I had actually said my goodbye’s to Levent when I remembered that I had my guitar shades in my bag so I went back in to stick them on him for a photo. He definitely has more right to wear them than I do but I took them back after the photo as they are a good prop for parties.

wedding anniversary (41)

After leaving all the Beers that I drank needed a place to be deposited so I thought up against this wall was suitable.

wedding anniversary (18)

At this point I did think about going home but as I hadn’t seen Levent from King Bar for a while and remembering what a fine job he done preparing food at our Wedding I decided to pop down to the Harbour area to see him.

I am glad that I did as we sat in the garden area for an hour or so having a good chat while he drank Raki and I had a Guinness, which not many bars in Antalya sell. He showed me his Bread Boat where funnily enough, he makes Bread in the morning for people who are passing by to use the Harbour Elevator, situated beside the Bar.

wedding anniversary (71)

Here I am telling the story of the evening after we got out the Taxi, heading back to the apartment.

The Photos

Raven Pub Band

The next night Aynur and I had arranged to take a friend to the International Gathering at the newly opened Wind Lounge but he was unwell and couldn’t make it, so as we were all dressed up by that time we decided to push the boat out and go anyway.

However, when we got to town we decided to just go for a walk around Kaleici and ended up walking past Raven Pub and Aynur’s ears were turned by the band that was playing so we went to their garden area to listen to them for a while.

raven pub band

They were pretty good and their Saxophone player certainly brought something a little different to the party. I enjoyed the Singers voice too. I captured a few songs with my trusty small camera so you can get a flavour of their sound in the playlist below.

We didn’t stay for long as we were a bit tired from the night before and no doubt must be getting old, well at least I am anyway. Plus, our aforementioned budget is still tight so we headed for the bus before the service got more sparse and we would have had to get a taxi. Heaven forbid, a taxi 2 nights in a row!!!

Leon Trio play at the Roadhouse Kaleici every Thursday so if you are in town go and watch them play….and take your dancing shoes and headbanging head with you.


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