What Makes The Difference

My friends think I’m crazy
As I’m usually royally stoned
But I’d rather be a sovereign bonehead
Than be one of the unquestioning throned

The numbness takes me into my shadow
To explore the dark of my mind
Because at the end of the day
I can’t leave it behind

Some things become clearer
When lost in the crystal maze
Like one things for sure
I’ve had better daze

When will I grow up
And be all I can be?
Is a question I have been asking
While I attempt not to see

By foggying my window
Through choice every day
I kiss goodbye to my sanity
To wipe my troubles away

But at the same time
When I sit down to write
The words that I’m typing
Are not total shite

Maybe it’s a question of balance
Being responsible for your actions
If I want to get things done
I may have to stop dealing in fractions

I tend to go the whole way
In everything I do
I wish I could control it
Like an animal in a zoo

But I have learned the hard way
That being independant has it’s price
The days are long gone now
When Mammy checked my hair for lice

The problem with having dreams
Is that they nag you to be fulfilled
That takes focus, time and effort
I just wish they could be willed

But that would defeat the purpose
For the journey gives you strength
If it all just happened overnight
What would be the point of length?

So it really does make a difference
No matter what you think
Our thoughts help create our reality
So I’ll try not to pour mine down the sink

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