Who Are? Why Do?

Who will win the fight between right and wrong?
Are things so simple we can reduce them to song?
Who dances alone in the dark with their lights out?
Are we going to go silently before we have time to shout?

Why does the labyrinth get mazier with time?
Do rings on a bell alert the thought police to crime?
Why would we suffer in solitude but remain optimistic?
Do belivers in science deny the spirtitual sadistic?

Who will see beyond the duality of civilised living?
Are animals a part of nature’s way of giving?
Who creates their life with full on forward motion?
Are achievers the ones who analyse every notion?

Why did the path change from cobbles to slabs?
Do winners always want what is up for grabs?
Why does history distort with each written word?
Do Kings and Queens know that they look absurd?

Who complicates matters of stark simplicity?
Are our leaders engaged in knowing complicity?
Who cries when freedom is dragged into the gutter?
Are insiders the only ones who should have a flutter?

Why are flowers beginning to change their bloom?
Do questioning people deserve to be locked in a room?
Why the wait before we put words into action?
Do images on a screen provide the ultimate distraction?

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