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So as I mentioned in the Flamenco Dancer in Witch House Cafe blog, I was invited back to meet the owner Orhan about my E-Video Agency.

However, I talked to a staff member Sinan on facebook and asked if it was possible for me to do a comedy gig at the Witch House as the one I was going to do it in was looking like it was going to be non-starter. He asked me to pop in for a chat about it but when I got there they asked me if I could do some performance on New Year’s Eve for their planned event for that evening.

I kind of baulked at that, not least because it would be a mainly Turkish speaking crowd and my Turkish is barely at pigeon level. They then asked me if I could do something on a Sunday morning when they were busy which would involve dressing up and having fun with the children. I thought that could be good for a laugh so I agreed and asked if I could also bring my wife and son along and they were very happy to accommodate them too.

So a couple of days later I took them back to the Cafe and Orhan drove us to a local Tailor so she could measure us up for some costumes. Orhan and Sinan had both by this time seen my facebook photos so they knew I am more than happy to dress up for any occasion.

Witch House a Tailor (11)

When we returned to the Cafe for a wee cup of Çay we talked about some other ideas and I suggested that my son could do some Origami. They thought it was a great idea and so my son started practising straight away.

Witch House Sunday (3)

He did get a bit carried away though…..

Witch House Sunday (5)

A day or two later Aynur came up with the idea of doing some Face Painting so we went back and suggested that idea to the Orhan and he thought it was good. The next day Aynur and my son went back and he took them to Animation Fun World to buy some paints and other goodies.

That night Aynur practised her skills on my son, who was needless to say more than happy to be a model.

Witch House Sunday (18)

His character changed quite a lot after the make-up was applied though. I am thinking of putting this at the end of all my videos as what I am doing is not working very well to get subscribers and I feel this could be the answer. What do you think?

Aynur prepared another dance to perform and my son took his magic box while I had an mp3 stick of Halloween music and although we weren’t exactly 100% sure what we were going to do when we got there, we headed off to Witch House Cafe at 10am on Sunday morning.

Witch House Sunday (51)

Here is Aynur beside a board displaying a poster for their New Year Party.

Witch House Sunday (54)

They had brought back a pink Afro wig from the costume shop and there is no way I could resist that, even though it isn’t that scary for a Witch House.

Orhan Witch House (2)

The tailor had made this outfit for Ellis to perform his magic tricks in and I had the Devil horns in my possession already but the opportunity to do his magic never arose. We did ask one young boy sitting at a table but he was more interested in playing games on his mobile phone. I don’t know, the youth of today, eh.

Witch House Sunday (28)

The Cafe has a good breakfast menu and also offers a number of fresh pastries on offer. It is a fairly new place but by 11 o’clock it was quite busy and is obviously proving popular with the locals.

Witch House Sunday (35)

Aynur set up her face paints and I started looking for some willing models.

Witch House Sunday (38)

I found this lovely girl called Aylin, which is pronounced similar to my mothers name Eileen, who was very happy to get her face painted and then afterwards we played with some balloons for a while.

Witch House Sunday (43)

I was told that a President was going to arrive and that I should wait outside for him. However, I was busy playing Balloon tennis with Aylin and missed his arrival. I thought it was an ex-Mayor of Antalya but it turned out to be Deniz Baykal who has quite an extensive history as a Politician in Turkey. Orhan presented him with a plaque while he was there but I have no idea what it symbolised.

Orhan Witch House (13)

Although I am not a big fan of Politicians in general I try not to pre-judge anyone so I asked Deniz for a photo and as we were posing I struck up a conversation with him. His English was very good and I explained that I have just married my second Turkish wife. He said that I have no problem with Turkish women, which meant I could use my standard joke that I do these days, ‘Yeah, I didn’t learn the first time’, to which he gave a laugh of recognition.

Witch House Sunday (72)

After Aylin had started the ball rolling the other children in the Cafe started getting involved with the crazy Watson family and I gave them balloons while Aynur painted their faces.

Witch House Sunday (81)

Separated at birth?

Witch House Sunday (114)

Ellis had found a couple of old pistols which are mainly for decoration and when he didn’t listen to me when I told him to leave them alone we ended up having a dual.

Witch House Sunday (119)

I had a chat with the Guitar player who is actually married to Sinan’s sister and asked him if he knew any English songs. He told me he used to be in a band which played Metallica and System of a Down cover versions but he has forgotten them now. By day, he is a graphic designer and in the evening he plays and sings Tradional Turkish music in various bars over town.

Witch House Sunday (120)

Just as we were about to start packing up Orhan brought his Granddaughter over to get her face painted as earlier on she was more concerned with finishing her food. Quite right too. 🙂

Orhan Witch House (18)

So all that is left for me to do now is to show you the flyer for the New Year’s Eve party at Witch House Cafe. There will be Traditional Turkish music and a nice meal on offer but they will be spared my stand up comedy show as I don’t think they could handle Nob Stewart without fair warning. 😉

Witch House Sunday (46)

As it turned out the original venue I wanted to perform at has given me the go ahead to perform on Xmas Eve so hopefully that will go well and it’ll become a regular event. I need to find an outlet here for my performing as getting dressed up in funny wigs only goes so far…..unless I can sing of course. 🙂

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