Xmas and New Year 2017

It is that time of year again when I am so glad to be out of the UK and away from the hullabaloo that is Xmas. Yep, you can just call me Scrooge…everyone else does. Bah Humbug is what I say.

When I first came to Turkey I was aware that they did celebrate New Year with a small gift for family members but over the last 15 years I have noticed a massive difference in the promotion of New Year, mainly by using Father Christmas or Satan Claus as I like to call him to promote the Festivities.

They call Kris Kringle, Noel Baba and most Turkish people, especially children don’t know the difference between Christmas and New Year and they refer to the latter as the former.

The original Father Christmas was of course Saint Nicholas who had a Church in Demre which is not far from Antalya where I live.

You can see how much the shops have adopted the culture by having huge Xmas trees in their shopping centre although Xmas Trees haven’t caught on too much with the population just yet….but give it time. If there is money to be made you can be sure the people will have the idea rammed down their throat to increase somebody’s bank balance….and decrease everyone else’s. Hence, I play along as little as possible.

I would feel sorry for my Son but he has more money and electrical gadgets than I do thanks to his mother and grandma’s dishing out the goods and as for my wife well, she is used to being treated like a poor maid so thankfully they both don’t demand too much, other than my time and attention….which granted, sometimes I would rather just pay money if it would get me some Peace!

So Christmas was basically a non-event in our House but it is hard to wriggle out of the New Year thing without at least getting away from the computer and talking with my wife for a couple of hours.

I didn’t have too much cash to splash so when we went to Khoffner Bar in Konyaalti at Half past Eleven and they asked for 100TL per person for entry and all you can drink I told them we would think about it…..and then headed to Vos Vos cafe.

This isn’t me just doing another selfie in the toilets but rather to showcase the plumbing and sinks they have in there. Pretty cool.

This is the bar area. It is not just a cafe but also a Hotel as well and it has a very laid back hip feel to the place.

This was the exciting view we had to take in the New Year with.

Aynur was very happy to be able to choose any Kahve on the menu. I normally restrict my generosity to one standard Turkish Kahve. Last of the big spenders, that’s me.

Just to prove it, I even bought a cake……to share. Well, there is a limit.

Here are some video highlights of our eventful action packed New Year.

One beer, one kahve, one cake then bed.


The Photos

Check out Vos Vos offical website here.



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