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Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out my website.

I built my first website by html code in 2006 and at one point I had a site for myself, one for my comedy character Nob Stewart and one called Antalya Living about my adventures in Turkey.

I have merged those three into Billy Watson TV so that it's easier to manage and as I no longer live in Turkey or perform as Nob Stewart very much these days then it didn't make sense to keep those sites online.

I will have a book coming out soon which is a collection of many of the writings in this website and a few more added that I haven't shared publicly.

Please sign up to my subscriber list and I will keep you up to date with my live shows and interview schedule.

You can find out more about who I am and my crazy antics in the About page if you are interested.

Feel free to support my efforts. I need all the help I can get.



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Every little helps and is much appreciated.

Thank you.

Comedy Review

Nob Stewart Introduction

Nob has been called many a thing over the years and let's face it, mostly with good reason. He has lived life on his own terms and paid the penalties for it.

However, he has put them down to experience and has risen from his proverbial grave to put together this website for your mild amusement.

He hasn't got delusions of grandeur (anymore) and only aims to spread his truth to anyone who has the time to listen. In this day and age, probably not many of you want to hear the ramblings of a Middle Aged Scottish Psychopath Fashion Victim but for those of you who may have read this far and still be a tiny bit intigued to find out more of what make him tick, well done for stickin' it out this long.

Mind you, you haven't really had a taste of Nob yet, have you?

Nobs Personal Greeting

Disclaimer: Billy and Nob write from their heart and some of their ideas or viewpoints may not be the social norm. Do not be put off by this, in fact, they both think that there wouldn't be much point in writing if it were just to agree with the current consensous of what life is and how things should be.

There is always more to learn and explore so they freely admit that some of their ideas in the writing they themselves may have moved beyond however they try to write them in a way that will stay fresh over the years regardless of how the world itself changes.

So as long as you have an open mind to new ideas and thoughts then Billy and Nob hope you will enjoy their work and they look forward to hearing any feedback you may have about it.
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