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I started performing comedy and poetry over 25 years ago with the thought of waking the masses up to the corruption of the world.  When computers came along I got myself a video camera, although not great quality, but good enough to video the various activities I have gotten up to over the years.  Recently I have been interviewing many interesting people and in this site you will learn many things from them and hopefully be entertained by my good self.  Come on in & join the fun! 

“Billy has a big beautiful heart and holds a supremely safe and resonate field for deep trust and dialogue to unfold with his guests. He is super smart and asks sublime questions which reveal realities which would have otherwise remained hidden. Billy is a true master of the art of connection and co-creation through conversation. And Billy’s comedic prowess opens hearts and minds while paving new paradigms and leading us into the new free world that is destined to be created.”

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My Recent Books

Buckin' cunny funt

Humourous poems & lyrics written in Scottish.

Politically corrected

Comedy skits on various topics like Football, Christmas and Conspiracy Theories.


The Plane facts

Poems written in a straightforward narrative.

duality or love

Poems written in a poetic lyrical fashion.



If you check out my Flickr site you will see I have over 70,000 photos on there which are all in albums related to posts on this site (or will be when re-posted after Vimeo debacle).  My partner Emma Gibson is a photographer so the good quality ones taken in the last few years will be by her.  I have had a few other professional photographers take photos of me which you will also see on the site.


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My set for Michael O’Bernicia’s Speakeasy Comedy event held in Edinburgh with Jojo Sutherland and Katie Hopkins.

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comedy, poetry, interviews & More!

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come on in & join the fun!