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Billy Watson has performed comedy and poetry for over 15 years in Scotland and occasionally in Turkey where he lived for over 10 years. He has also put on a one man show at the Edinburgh Festival in 2002, 2009,2011, 2012, 2014 and 2019.

When he lived in Turkey he had a popular website called Antalya Living and he made blogs of his travels and time spent in the country. Since returning to Scotland in 2018 he has continued to blog about his life both performing and personal and has recently been doing nightly live shows on current affairs topics but with a comedic slant.

Billy and his partner also run a Video Marketing company called E-Video Agency. If you require any kind of video for your business or help with social media then feel free to get in touch. They will do their best to help you achieve your aims.

Over the years I have performed comedy and poetry in various bars and clubs around Scotland and Turkey, where I used to reside.

I performed both as myself and also as a few different comedy characters who in order of appearance were The Great White Shaft, Hamish McTavish/McScottie and the main one I done before the plandemic, Nob Stewart.

I also make video blogs in and out of character and interview and film people I find of interest such as conspiracy researchers, comedians, musicians and poets.

The purpose of this website is to showcase the various pieces of work I have done over the years as well as share some of the videos I managed to capture of the other artists.

I don’t claim to be anything other than what I am and the videos I make range from rough and ready to more polished productions.

I was brought up in a small town near Edinburgh called South Queensferry which is most famous for the Forth Rail Bridge which you can see on many postcards and souvenirs about Scotland. I got a job in the large petrochemical factory in Grangemouth when I was 16 and I moved through to Falkirk when I was 17 to by myself, although my friends made sure I was never lonely as it became hang out central.

I met a Turkish women who was studying in Sheffield when I went to see The Rolling Stones there in 1995 and one year and twelve days later we got married….mainly so I could escape the lifestyle I had with my friends.

It was ok for them, they could come and go as they pleased, I had to drink with everyone in turn. We had a son in 2004 and in 2006 we decided to move to Antalya in Turkey where we had been visiting to see my wife’s parents.

As there were no comedy clubs to perform here. During my time in Antalya, every year I would return to Scotland every August for the Edinburgh Festival where I put on a full one man show in 2002/09/11/12/14,19 & 2021.

I got divorced in 2010 but decided to stay in Turkey to be close to my son, however I felt a bit homesick and returned to Scotland in October 2013. After returning to Antalya for a holiday in June 2014 to see my son, I realised what I had left behind and so decided to move there in August 2014.

I was very happy to be back in Turkey and although I found it difficult to find places to perform in Antalya, I did travel around the region and wrote about my adventures which also included getting married to a second Turkish lady. Things were a bit of a struggle in the end and I got divorced and brought my son back to Scotland for his education but when they wanted him to wear a mask at school I removed him and he is now back in Turkey studying music and living with his mother.

I have a new partner called Emma who helps with the Video Business and also brings me my scarves and water just like Charlie Hodge used to do for Elvis.

There will be a book out soon which collates a lot of the writing on this site and goes further into my mad adventures so stay tuned for that if you fancy a mad read.

I built a blog/information site called Antalya Living to showcase my adventures and to keep my creative side going but I have since closed it down and imported the blogs to my Turkey section. I have been interviewed for 5 different expat websites. You can view them all by clicking here.

Photo Album

Compilation of my Facebook Profile Photos

Just so you can see what kind of a nutter you are dealing with here is a compilation of my facebook profile photos. I will maybe tell a story over the top of these photos in the future but for now it is just with background music.

Compilation of my Facebook Header Photos

Here is a compilation of my facebook cover headers. I will maybe tell a story over the top of these photos in the future but for now it is just with background music.

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