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Billy and Emma Mix 2021

A few videos that Emma and I made recently.

Miscellaneous Madness

Just a few fun photos for a quick laugh.

Daily News Bulletins

A collection of my short News Bulletins where I rant along to News websites.

Emma’s Smoothie Tasting

I got Emma a Soup and Smoothie maker for Christmas so the time came for us to try her first home made smoothie.

The Hogmanay Show

I did a bit of a Marathon Show on Hogmanay playing some different videos I have filmed from gigs and talking pish as usual.

Emma’s Christmas Card

A wee video of me giving Emma her Christmas Card at no expense spared.

E-Book Livestreams

I decided as a change to Shooting the Shits to do some poetry and skits from my E-Books on FB Livestreams.

Surprising Emma

Just a couple of quick vids with oor Emma starring in whether she wanted to or the case may be.

Holyrood Gathering – 10/10/20

I had the honour of being invited to speak outside of Holyrood at a gathering of like minded souls who prefer freedom to tyranny.

Bloody Steve Walkers Chillies

Steve Walker started watching my Shooting The Shit videos and out the blue offered me some chillies.