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George Square Talk – 26/9/20

I went along to George Square to talk about current issues with other open micers.

George Square Talk – 19/9/20

I gave a talk at the #saveourchildren gathering in George Square in Glasgow.

Falkirk For Freedom 3 & South Queensferry

I went along to Calander Park to do another talk to people interested to know the truth about the Covid Lie and everything that goes along with it.

Falkirk For Freedom 2

My second trip to Callander Park to speak at the Falkirk For Freedom group meeting.

Falkirk For Freedom Talk

I was invited to Callander Park to give a talk to the Falkirk For Freedom group. The Photos Cheers!

Perth – Awakening Scotland Talk

I got invited by Lucy Santasho to talk to the Awakening Scotland group in Perth so I took Emma and done my best. The Photos Cheers!

Another Hot Pepper Challenge

For some reason I agreed to take part in another Hot Biber Challenge.

Bo’ness United Youth Team

We arrived in Scotland on a Thursday morning and on the Saturday my nephew was playing a match for Bo'ness United Youth team so we went along to watch him

Back To Boness

After being in Turkey for most of the past 12 years, I have returned to Scotland to live and this time I brought my son with me.

Facebook Cover Photos

I made a couple of videos which are a compilation of my facebook covers and facebook profile pictures.