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The Pineapple

I took Emma to a building known as The Pineapple.

Emma Gibson Photography

A selection of photos by Emma Gibson of my good self.

South Queensferry Photoshoot

I took Emma to South Queensferry to take some photos.

Newmarket Bar – 30/8/19

I went to the Newmarket Bar in Falkirk one night.

Cheryl Reid – Jolly Gin & Craft

I was out on the prowl by myself in Falkirk again and went into the bar that Nob Stewart made his debut in for the Stars In The Bar competition to discover a star in the bar in the form of Cheryl Reid. 

Bo’ness Fair Parade

Bo'ness Fair is a big day for the local town and it is actually the second biggest Childrens Fair in Europe

Edinburgh – 21/6/19

I went out in Edinburgh by myself as I have no friends.

Old Town Cemetery

While I waited for my son to finish a Songwriters workshop I made a quick tour of The Old Town Cemetery in Stirling.

Korean War Memorial and Cairnpapple

I took my son out for his Sunday drive and ended up going to a Korean War Memorial and then a Sacred Hill called Cairnpapple.

Linlithgow Loch & Calendar Park

I thought I had better show some parental interest in the laddie so I took him to see some local sights and I’m sure you can tell by the photos how enthralled he was to spend some time not staring at his phone.