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What Is Around The Corner?

A blurb which contemplates what is around the corner.

Tortured Brains

A blurb about being in a relationship.

From The Outside Looking In

A blurb about being on the outside looking into society.

One Brick At A Time

A blurb about building things up slowly just one step at a time.

Maturing The Ego

A blurb about maturing the ego and learning to live in the NOW!

Getting Ready For Battle

I wrote a blurb about my lack of preparation for my Edinburgh Festival show. No change there then.

Friend or Foe

I blab on about the choices we make about how we use our mind and how our ego can control us if we don't work with it.

Cryptic Clips

I write a blog about a falling out with a guy who didn't know about it, unless he could decipher my cryptic clips.

Struggle or Shine

I wrote a blurb about the daily grind and how hard it is to get up and put your shoulder to the wheel every day.


I wrote another off the top of my head blurb about making the choices required to improve yourself.