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Ride & bdrmm

Despite my lack of funds I couldn't resist buying tickets to see Ride and I was also interested in checking out bdrmm because their debut album is great.

Yin Yin, Paddy Steer & Redolent

I went to Newcastle to see Yin Yİn with Emma and the boy and met the support and band afterwards.

Martin Metcalfe and Richard Jobson – Bar Yellow

I took Emma and my son to see Martin Metcalfe from Goodbye Mr Mackenzie and Richard Jobson from The Skids perform for the second time as we had seen them in Galashiels just before the lockdown. Great venue in Cumbernauld that couldn't have been more welcoming.

Richard Jobson & Martin Metcalfe

Martin Metcalfe from Goodbye Mr Mackenzie got together with Richard Jobson from The Skids to perform some songs and listen to sections from Richards new book.

Altered Images

Clare Grogan who was in Gregory's Girl was still a bubbly lass and her all girl band played the old classics very well.

YACHT – Broadcast

YACHT'S members are Jona Bechtolt, Claire L. Evans, and Rob Kieswetter. Their new album was made entirely using AI technology. You can hear Claire talk about it in the interview I do with her after the show.

Teeth Of The Sea

I had learned to keep an eye on the gigs at Broadcast because of the few recent ones I had attended there and so when I checked out Teeth Of The Sea I knew I had to and drag our Emma along while I'm at it.

Domiciles – Blue Arrow – 30/1/20

I enjoyed their recent gig so much I went back to see Domiciles this time at Blue Arrow in Glasgow where they had Tomorrow Syndicate as support.

Tomorrow Syndicate – Blue Arrow – 30/1/20

It was back to Blue Arrow to see Tomorrow Syndicate again. I performed a poetry gig just before but we got there in time to see the boys cook up their brand of rock'n'roll.

Domiciles & Vlure – PJ Molleys

Looking for a gig to entertain us on a Saturday night I thought Domiciles looked pretty good option so went to Dunfermline to check them out.