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Johnny Cirucci Interviews

Giovanni "Johnny" Cirucci  is an author  who saw an interview I done with Dawn Lester and David Parker  and decided to include a few clips from it on a documentary he done called Contagion Compromisers. Through that he contacted me and asked if I would like to be interviewed and so I returned the favour and got him on my show.

Three Sisters – Gong Show

I saw a post on facebook saying that there were still a couple of spaces left at the Three Sisters Gong Show so I threw my hat into the ring and got a spot. I am not a fan of Gong Shows but as I am going to England to do one soon I thought I should maybe give it a go in preparation. On getting there I was happy to see Bob Walsh who had given me gigs at his Wrong Comedy night during last years festival. I also knew Charlie Wallace who’s gig in Perth that got cancelled […]

Tony Sayers Interviews

I interview author and researcher Tony Sayers every fortnight. Keep up with our shows here.

Diarra Leslie and Mike Wallach Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing Diarra Leslie and Mike Wallach who were the filmmakers behing the great documentary The Viral Delusion.

Peter Burnett Interview

I interview Peter Burnett about his publishing business and other interests.

Conspiracy Music Guru Interview

I am a big fan of Conspiracy Music Guru's youtube channel and although he doesn't give many interviews, happily he decided to come on BWTV.

ARTA Open Mic

I went along to a new open mic night in Glasgow in a bar called ARTA.

Create For Truth 3

We had a fun night at Create For Truth playing to ourselves mainly.

Ride & bdrmm

Despite my lack of funds I couldn't resist buying tickets to see Ride and I was also interested in checking out bdrmm because their debut album is great.