Edinburgh Festival / 10 posts found

Wrongfully Dismissed – 29/8/21

The last day of my Edinburgh Festival run for 2021.

Wrongfully Dismissed – 28/8/21

The fourth gig of my five day run at the Edinburgh Festival.

Wrongfully Dismissed – 27/8/21

The third gig of my Edinburgh Festival run for 2021.

Wrongfully Dismissed – 26/8/21

The 2nd day of my Edinburgh Festival run of 5 for Wrongfully Dismissed.

Wrongfully Dismissed – 25/8/21

The first performance of my Edinburgh Festival 2021 Show, Wrongfully Dismissed.

Billy at Wrong Comedy

My four sets at Bob Walsh's Wrong Comedy show during this years Edinburgh Festival.

Paul Sykes Professional Photaes

Paul Sykes followed Nob around Edinburgh one day during the festival. Together, with the help of a few other performers they conjured up over 200 photos.

Edinburgh Festival 2012 – General Round Up

A round up of my 2012 Edinburgh Festival experience, which includes video clips, shit reviews, meeting famous people and surviving Dalkeith!

Kunt and the Gang – Live at the Edinburgh Festival

Kunt and the Gang performing at the Edinburgh Festival


Nob Stewart got involved with Bob Slayer and Kunt and the Gang scandal known as Cockgate during the Edinburgh Festival 2011.