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BW Daily Amusement 2

I got my son involved in a Chillie eating contest of which there was only going to be one winner.

EW Daily Amusement 56

Another bout of daily amusement as I don't get any prettier.

EW Daily Amusement 55

Although my son has moved back to Turkey to live I still manage to amuse him with my antics.

BW Daily Amusement 1

A special EW Daily amusement where Daddy gets his revenge.

EW Daily Amusement 54

Yet another EW Daily Amusement.

EW Daily Amusement 53

The latest installment of EW Daily Amusement.

EW Daily Amusement 52

I went to a Dinner Dance with my family and my son was helping out in the Kitchen. I had a bit too much to drink and so my boy thought it a great idea to switch the camera on when we got home to record my antics.

EW Daily Amusement 51 – Bad Hair Day

I took my son to a Barbers and he was less than happy with the result.

EW Daily Amusement 50 – Devils Arsehole Challenge

I was at my Sisters house with my son and somehow the topic of Hot Pepper Challenge came up as she was feeding us a munch.

EW Daily Amusement 49 – Toxic Taste

The Boy actually purchased a so called 'sweet' by the name of Toxic Waste! Yep, the mind boggles. Of course, what with me ranting and raving about doing such a thing he coerced me into trying them out.