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Three Sisters – Gong Show

I saw a post on facebook saying that there were still a couple of spaces left at the Three Sisters Gong Show so I threw my hat into the ring and got a spot. I am not a fan of Gong Shows but as I am going to England to do one soon I thought I should maybe give it a go in preparation. On getting there I was happy to see Bob Walsh who had given me gigs at his Wrong Comedy night during last years festival. I also knew Charlie Wallace who’s gig in Perth that got cancelled […]

ARTA Open Mic

I went along to a new open mic night in Glasgow in a bar called ARTA.

Create For Truth 3

We had a fun night at Create For Truth playing to ourselves mainly.

Tasseomancy Open Mic

I performed at Tasseomancy Open Mic night in Glasgow.

Piston Broke 4 – Freya’s Wish

I got invited to perform at Piston Broke 4 in Dundee so I ventured up there in the hope that some more people than just the organiser would turn up and thankfully, they did.

Muckys Open Mic

I got a last minute opportunity to do a 5 minute gig in Perth. Who could refuse?

Rock The Boat Open Mic

I got a spot on an open mic poetry night in Edinburgh at Summerhall so off I went to perform. Get's us out the house.

I Am Loud Open Mic

I went along to an open mic night in Edinburgh to perform some poetry.

Forth Friday

I went through to Striling to perform an open mic night called Forth Friday.

SMAAPP – Create For Truth 2

I returned to Avant Garde bar to perform at Create For Truth 2 run by David Nicol.