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Scottish Tour – Callander & Balquhidder

It was raining pretty hard when we arrived in Callander and Emma's toe was still in a bad way, so rather than pitch up the tent in the wet conditions we decided to hand out some books in Callander and then double back to take some photos of it at Rob Roy's grave in Balquhidder.

Scottish Tour – Rock Stop

We were now on the way back to more familiar territory and saw this beautiful spot not long after we passed through Glencoe. We ended up turning back to take photos here so I hope you appreciate them.

Scottish Tour – Glenfinnan

As I had taken Emma to Culloden to show here where Bonnie Prince Charlie's uprising ended, I thought I should take her to Glenfinnan to show her where it started. Then we found an absolutely amazing spot to pitch the tent and even got a fire going that evening.

Scottish Tour – Fort William

After meeting up with Moira and her friend Lewis we walked up Fort William High Street giving out some books and were met with a lot of hostility and damn right rudeness.

Scottish Tour – Ullapool

Ullapool has a reputation for being one of the most beautiful towns in Scotland so we headed up there to see for ourselves as well as being able to show the scene to you guys. It was a bit late by the time we got there but thankfully we found a place to sleep.......and it was a very isolated one.

Scottish Tour – Culloden

I thought Emma would like to see an empty field with some flags in it so I took her to Culloden where Bonnie Prince Charlies army was squashed by the English Army (and some Scottish Clans) and some flags and tombstones were placed there as a reminder.

Scottish Tour – Findhorn

I have heard a lot about Findhorn over the years as apparently it had a spiritual community there which people like Mike Scott of The Waterboys have attended. However, we didn't see much evidence of that when we got there, instead we saw a long empty windy beach.

Scottish Tour – Cove Bay

We continued along the coastline to a very special place called Cove Bay. It appears listed as one of Scotland's top ten hotspots on many lists so I dragged Emma on another walk but thankfully we reached our destination on this one, unlike the mysterious Castle in Cullen.

Scottish Tour – Lossiemouth

In Lossiemouth I had a heated debate with guys doing swab tests from a mobile van. The scenery was pleasant too as RAF jets flew overhead.

Scottish Tour – Cullen

When we arrived in Cullen I gave a book to a couple who had a beautiful New Foundland dog. They told us they were just back from visiting a ruined Castle and that the walk was worth it. That was good enough for me so I dragged Emma along despite her reticence.