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Barbara Birthday Gig

I attempted one more gig in Didim but after one poem I realised it was not my crowd and pulled the plug on gigs in Turkey forever.

Video Blog – 23/7/18

Tonight I started off DJing ins Apollow Bar and ended up drinking Tequila in Flamingo Nightclub before going for a swim with a guy who went in fully clothed.

October Shorts 2017

Some random videos I have taken in the past month.

Get Up and Go! Tours – Tlos Ancient City

I went to the Ancient site of Tlos in Turkey with Get Up and Go Tours Travel Agency.

Get Up and Go! Tours – Fish Farm Challenge

My wife and I went to a Fish Farm as part of our day out with Get Up and Go TravelI Agency. I didn't know that I would be roped into doing a cold water challenge which I will never forget.

Get Up and Go! Tours – Saklikent Gorge

I booked up a trip with Get Up and Go Travel Agency to Saklikent Gorge and took my wife there on our Honeymoon. Who says that Scottish men are not romantic?

Shaman’s Band – Ooljee Bar 2

I went back to Ooljee Bar to see Shaman's Band again.

Shaman’s Band in Ooljee Bar

I went along to see Shaman's Band play at Ooljee Bar and ended up on stage with them.

Xmas and New Year 2017

I took my family to Migros Shopping centre around Xmas time and then took my wife to a Coffee Shop for a 'wild and crazy' New Year.

Antalya Ceramics

Aynur has been going to a free Ceramic government run course in the Liman area of Antalya for a number of weeks and I went along to the workshop to pick up some of her creations to take them home.