Dunmore House

I thought I should let Emma see sunlight again so I took her to the House we tried to find a couple of months ago.

You can read a bit about the history of Dunmore Park in this blog.

Some pretty cool ruins for Emma to work her camera magic with as I try not to spoil it too much.

There were two buildings. This one below is the main one known as Dunmore House.

It is quite an impressive ruin and I’m surprised I haven’t heard about it until Emma brought it up while looking for local places of interest that I can’t deny are too far to travel to because of petrol costs.

There is always some fancy emblem on these old buildings and this one was no different.

Unfortunately, like many, this one also has graffiti.  Still gotta use it for a pic eh.

Quite big archways. I wonder if people were bigger back in Tartaria. 😉

There were a few more visitors to the place kicking around and I got one family to pose for a photo with Emma in the underworld.

Here’s the video I made of our day out.

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The Photos

Dunmore House


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