Edinburgh – 17/1/19

I was in Edinburgh to take a medical for a Private Hire Car Licence and afterwards I had to go to my bank to prove my identity for a PPI claim. I could have just told them it was me on the phone but they insisted I go in the flesh.

On the way there I passed St Marks Unitarian Church where I took my son to see Juniper Grave about a month earlier.

That must have got me in the mood for appreciating God as when I walked past St Cuthbert’s Parish Church shortly afterwards I decided to pop into the Graveyard for a quick squawk.

This headless skeleton gravestone was one of the most interesting ones but there were quite a few.

There was quite an impressive monument to David Dickson the Younger, who is buried in the graveyard. 

There is a nice view of Ediburgh Castle from the Church entrance area.

On my way to the bank in George Street I passed the Freemasons Hall where I done the one eyed symbolism outside but it wasn’t enough to get me a job at the top of the power structure as I didn’t know the appropriate handshake or the age of my Granny.

On my way to Waverly train station I passed the Capital Building with these rather interesting statues on top of two pillars.  Freemasonic influence? Quite probably. They’re everywhere and nowhere baby.

Here is a video of the wee tour.

The Photos

Edinburgh - 17/1/19


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