Emma’s 25th – Wemyss Walk

I took Emma out for her 25th Birthday to some caves on the Fife coastline.

Instead of buying Emma a present for her 25th birthday I said I would take her out for the day which for her is like winning the lottery…….well, since the so called Lockdown anyway.

She chose to go to Caves that she had seen our FB friend Jillian Brown go to a week or two previously. 

On the way to the first cave we passed some interesting red rock formations which popped up at various points along the coastline.

I nearly shat myself in one cave when pigeons started flying out. Here is Emma putting on a brave face while praying one doesn’t fly out and bap her on the back of her head.

There were some carving in one of the caves that are claimed to be from medieval times but then there are also some bits with Jimmy Hearts Julie etc, so you can’t be too sure.

There was actually a path we could have walked that would have been a lot easier but I like to give Emma as much excitement as possible on the rare occassions I come out of my cave, so we walked the non-path.

As Emma doesn’t get much chance to practice her photography these days I volunteered myself to be a model for a photoshoot.  No expense spared with my Birthday gifts eh.

I even went the full Newcastle Utd supporter in winter attire to send those female excitement levels through the roof.

On the way back we took the high road and found this castle in ruins where I actually find a half empty Irn Bru bottle!!

This is funny because I mention it in one of my comedy skits. Emma tries to deliver the joke in the video below. Enjoy!

On the way back to the car I noticed this Demon figure and a masked up Buddha statue.  Just ordinary every day shit these days. God help us. 

Here is the video of our antics along a small part of the Fife coastline. We hope you enjoy.

What did you think of Emma’s joke delivery?

The Photos

Wemyss Caves

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