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After my extensive Horse Riding Training of about 15 minutes I was invited back to Everest Horse Club this time to go on one of the Safari trips they offer for beginners and more experienced riders, like myself. alike.

However, although it was a very enjoyable outing I made the mistake of wearing shorts.  By the time it had finished the inside of my legs were red raw, (now I know why jockeys wear boots), my ankles were black and blue and very swollen because I couldn't seem to get the ball of my foot to rest on the stirrup properly, and all my muscles ached from sitting in a John Wayne pose for an hour and a half. Below is a video to give you an idea of the countryside and the day in general.

I enjoyed it very much, mainly due to the fact that I didn't break my neck when the horse started galloping at break neck speed with me little more than a very interested spectator. lol. At the end I was just glad to be alive.

The Photos

PLEASE NOTE: Just make sure you wear trousers and boots if possible, oh and invest in some lessons before saying to the instructor "What? Gallop? Aye, no problem."

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