Ian Cognito Movie

In August 2013 I bumped into Ian Cognito at the Edinburgh Festival and asked him for a quick interview.

He was happy to oblige and then I went to see him later in the evening but he wasn’t so keen on me filming him as I think he was a bit nervous as it was his first Edinburgh Festival run for a while.

He gained unfortunate notoriety when he died on stage…..literally but because of that he became world famous…albeit for 3 minutes…according to the guy in the trailer for the documentary of his life and death below.

Ian Cognito Documentary Trailer: Sky Arts from Ian Cognito Documentary on Vimeo.

The makers of the documentary asked if they could use my interview footage in the movie and I was very pleased to see it in the final production as the movie overall is really excellent and is winning awards around the world.

Here is my interview with him in full.


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