Billy Watson TV

Bo’ness Spice

I told Emma that instead of a christmas present on the day that I would take her out for a meal at the local Indian restaurant when I had some money to pay for it.

Steven Magners Interviews

Steven Magners is an ex-wrestler, poet, author, musician and podcaster. I have appeared on his Piston Broke podcast a few times and I have included them here with the times he appeared on mine.

Tasseomancy Open Mic

I performed at Tasseomancy Open Mic night in Glasgow.

Moria Brown Interview – Questioning Lockdown

I interview author and researcher amongst many other talents, Moira Brown about her thoughts on the current shenanigan's and her new book Questioning Lockdown.

April Mix

A short video of Kirknewton Stones and some other random pics from April.

Piston Broke 4 – Freya’s Wish

I got invited to perform at Piston Broke 4 in Dundee so I ventured up there in the hope that some more people than just the organiser would turn up and thankfully, they did.

Muckys Open Mic

I got a last minute opportunity to do a 5 minute gig in Perth. Who could refuse?

Rossyln Chapel With Emma

I took Emma out for her monthly walk this time to Rossyln Chapel.

Rock The Boat Open Mic

I got a spot on an open mic poetry night in Edinburgh at Summerhall so off I went to perform. Get's us out the house.

Dee Mani Interview

I had the pleasure of chatting to Dee about her healing journey of recovery from cancer following more herbal remedies than chemotherapy or radiation. A very interesting chat and I’m sure she’ll be back on the show sometime. Enjoy! Check out both of Dee’s sites at Dee’s Website My Way CBD Cheers!