Instead of just solely asking for donations to help support the site I have made a number of products available to enable you to support my work and get some entertainment into the bargain.  

Argyle Bar 2009

All the shows from the Argyle Bar where I performed my show Ordinary Punter in 2009.

Nob Stewart – Comin At Ye! 2011

All my shows as Nob Stewart at the EdFringe 2011, in a hostel bar called Belushi’s.

Sex, Drugs & Marriage 2012

I perform my show Sex, Drugs & Marriage at the Edinburgh Festival in 2012.

Mad Mental Stories 2014

The three full shows I performed at the EdFringe in 2014.

Nob Stewart – Comin’ At Ye 2! 2019

Nob Stewart performing eleven full shows at the EdFringe 2019.

Wrong Comedy 2021

See me perform as a guest for four nights as part of Bob Walsh s Wrong Comedy show.

Wrongfully Dismissed 2021


The full five days I was given as a last minute stand in for the EdFringe 2021.

Emma & Billy’s Scottish Tour

All the footage from Emma and Billy’s Scottish Tour of Scotland to hand out Moira Brown’s book Questioning Lockdown, including a full edited version of the whole tour.

Silly Billy Music

All the songs I have either written or changed the lyrics for and sung in a silly voice for the most part, with lyric slideshow.


Check out the different books I have written and self published.

This book has 3 sections.

Billy Watson writes humourous poems in his native Scottish tongue of his drink and drug fuelled lifestyle with some sex and rock’n’roll mixed in for good measure. Laugh at how Billys self inflicted downfalls transpire and be thankful it wasn’t you who got into those tight spots through your own stupidity….or maybe you have!

Billy also wrote changed the lyrics from popular songs so he could perform them as Nob Stewart who he referred to as Scotlands Greatest Living Psycopath. These are not for the faint of heart but if you like Billy Connollys filthy mouth then you’ll love these.

The last section are lyrics from a music project called The Testical Brothers. Think a poor mans Spinal Tap and you’ll be in the ball park. Billy and a fat aging Turkish friend are the brothers who think they are rock gods but are clearly mistaken. Who knows, if enough people like the lyrics maybe the album will come out!

So buy this book now and strap yourself in for the poetry lyrical ride of your lifetime.

Let me explain the contents in this book
Before you buy it and call me a crook
It contains poems written like a story
With subjects ranging from love to glory

Billy Watson has delved very deep
He never was a surface level sheep
The things he learned, he tries to explain
But what are the facts of this plane?

Over the years, going down rabbit holes
In the ultimate search for who controls
Led Billy down many a winding road
Now you can read the thoughts he was showed

They sometimes may not rhyme or reason
But don’t be fooled, they are not treason
Buy the book now to go down many strange paths
It’s value for money, you do the maths

Do you enjoy the words of eccentrics?
Do they thrill your creative mind?
Have you got time to invest in poetry
That can take darkness, and light, find?

Billy Watson expanded his soul
By experimenting with rock and roll
Now you can read his surreal collection
To save you from your path deflection

In this book he has gathered together
All his poems of a lyrical style
It’s up to you to figure them out
When you do it, you may just smile

So buy this book to enrich your life
We all need something to ease our strife
Take some time to feed your brain
You may need it, if you want to stay sane

Have you figured out the game yet? Do you watch the news and see the theatre?
In these days of great political unrest and fake news everywhere we all need
to find a little solace and humour in the madness.

Billy Watson has been performing stand up comedy since 1999 and has collected
together his material on topics such as adverts, christmas, work, football, sex, conspiracy theories and the war on terrorism.

These skits will give you an anti-dote to the version of reality that the powers
that be like to tell us exists, and give you a good laugh into the bargain.

This book is only for those with an open mind and are ready to go down a path of
hardcore truths in more ways than one, albeit for entertainment purposes only.

So buy it now and even if you don’t believe in conspiracy theories, by the time
you get through this book, you will certainly be a bit more sceptical of the narratives we are sold.