I sit in my room wishing I was a drone
That could fly out the window of my home
To see for me what my future could bring
If I could get the bottle to do my thing

So Bobby D, do you need another gong?
The price of your tickets, surely that’s wrong
Take the mick, our diet is porn
The future is coming of which you did warn

I know you know that you were the status quo
And to serve the chief commander you solemly swore
I’m writing you this song cause my words are too tough
There’s not many men out there who’ll let me get rough

Here’s to Joan and Joni and Paul Simon too
And to all the artists that rocked hell with you
Here’s to the damage we can do with a pen
If only I could blow my tormented wind

I’m dying tomorrow so I’ll say goodbye today
I’m tired of getting nowhere on the lost highway
Please write a song for my baby blue
If anyone could sing it, I know it is you