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Video Blog – 6/7/18

After hosting tonight's Quiz I went for a walk to the end of the Promenade to start my video blog.

Video Blog – 5/7/18

I had a gig at a bar in Didim called Shooting Star for which I was not overly confident would turn out well. It turns out my concerns were justified when some Scottish dude in the audience decided to mouth off and spoil it for everyone.

Video Blog – 4/7/18

Over the past week Billy, Linda and Carla have been regular visitors to the restaurant and I took a few breaks from the DJ Booth to have a wee chat with them. When I got home I recorded a video blog.

Video Blog – 3/7/18

I had to watch the England versus Columbia match in the restaurant while being surrounded by English supporters.

Video Blog – 1/7/18

Another night doing my DJ antics at the Restaurant and another Video Blog on the way home for your viewing pleasure.

Video Blog – 29 & 30/6/18

I had used up a lot of battery power making videos at the Rock Bar in Didim so my camera died on the way home, so I combined the next's nights video too.

Video Blog – 28/6/18 – Part 2

I was at the Restaurant and the England V Belgium game was on so I didn't have to DJ. I went around the tables talking to guests and had an interesting chat with Eric.

Video Blog – 26/6/18

On the walk home I got my video camera out to record my inane ramblings.

Video Blog – 23/6/18

Another night working in the Didim Restaurant and so that means another video blog ramble on the way home.

Video Blog – 22/6/18

So I have moved to another part of Turkey and have started a Membership section of my website for Video Blogs. Hence, I have started to do them again regularly. Come on in and see what I am blabbing about.