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EW Daily Amusement 47

There was a wasp crawling all over the burnt sweetcorn so I had to be the man and rescue it. The boy then switches on the camera when I am sitting at the computer trying to access a guitar program I had purchased 4 years previously.

EW Daily Amusement 46

My son switches the camera on and says talk.  That's what I would like to do onstage actually but the crowd tend to usually want punchlines an' shit.  Unfortunately there aren't many here either.

EW Daily Amusement 45

I really don't like my son wasting time on computer games but I guess I am too hard on him. At least, I may have thought that until I learned the game that he was playing and now I hate him wasting time on computer games.

EW Daily Amusement 44

The boy needed amused again so he picked up my camera and clicked his fingers for me to perform like a monkey.....as usual.

EW Daily Amusement 43

My son invented the theory that because it is Saturday night I have to take him to the local bar to get him Potato Wedges and a couple of fizzy drinks.

EW Daily Amusement 42

I am staying at my first ex-wifes's house these days as my son and I count down the days until we head off to Sunnier Pastures in Scotland.

EW Daily Amusement 41

The boy sticks something over my head as I sit in my chair to get a reaction out of me and as the camera is turned on I start rambling away.

EW Daily Amusement 40

The boy switches the camera on when I am at the computer and then 10 minutes of me slavering pish happens. Just another typical EW Daily Amusement video.

EW Daily Amusement 39

Once again the boy finds another unique way to bug my brains. It is as if he has a built-in sensor which locates my 'piss-me-off' points which he then homes in on to cause the most parental stress levels possible on any given day.

EW Daily Amusement 38

My son loves to bug my brains with his Satanic Heavy Metal dross music. I try not to let it get to me but it does.....oh boy, it does.