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EW Daily Amusement 37 – Forced Fitness

I just wanted to eat my Dinner in peace but the boy had other ideas. He has way to much testosterone flowing through is body and he tests my patience with it on a daily basis.

EW Daily Amusement 36 – Pide & Fitness

I took my son for a dinner and he proceeded to tell me how great an athlete he is and so I challenged him to prove it. He blames his sore arms for not being able to do so to his optimum level. I just blame my weak arms.

EW Daily Amusement 35

I wasn't feeling too good so went for a wee lie down. This was the signal for the boy to come and step up his levels of torment and torture.

EW Daily Amusement 34 – It’s a Miracle!

I had a surprise for my son about the Bathroom light which has been 'broken' for the best part of two years.

EW Daily Amusement 33

My son switches the camera on when I am pissed of with him so that he can piss me off even more. He likes trying to destroy the hand that feeds him as apparently he doesn't torture anyone else like he tortures his Father.

EW Daily Amusement 32

My son saw that I had bought some fancy biscuits from the supermarket but I hid them when I got home. He had searched the kitchen as best he could but was not able to locate them, so I switched the camera on to capture his angst.

EW Daily Amusement 31

I bought a soup maker which my son wasn't that impressed with but when I told him it made Smoothies his eyes sparkled and into the kitchen he went to create his first one.

EW Daily Amusement 30 – Fiery Eyes

My son had the bright idea to put some Russian Vicks Vapour rub under his eyes and then somehow convinces me to let him do it to me. Boy, did I regret that.

EW Daily Amusement 29

Just when I thought I had my fill of incredibly shit Rap music my son finds another Illuminati Puppet in order to piss me off to the ultimate level. He succeeded.

EW Daily Amusement 28

My son likes to torture me with Satanic Rap music played at high volume.