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EW Daily Amusement 28

My son likes to torture me with Satanic Rap music played at high volume.

EW Daily Amusement 27 – Messy Boy

Time to expose my boys messiness although granted I was pretty much the same at his age. Ever get the feeling you have turned into your parents?

EW Amusement 26 – Laughing Alarm

Apparently I'm an arsehole because I don't Taxi my son around everywhere whenever he snaps his fingers but hey, I at least I am good at it.

EW Daily Amusement 25

After a break from the Daily Amusements my son has got even more irritating that he was previously....which was already pretty damn close to my limit of tolerance.

EW Daily Amusement 24

My old friend Percy The Devil was trying to make another appearance and my son was on hand to capture it for his pleasure.

EW Daily Amusement 23 – I Totally Give Up

Well my son gets creative in the kitchen. Just a pity he decides to put coins into the dish as well.

EW Daily Amusement 22

My son switched the camera on at the moment when Harry Kane decided to pop up break Scottish hearts.

EW Daily Amusement 20/21

After getting tortured int he Sea I was then forced into playing some computer game that I have zero interest in at all!

EW Daily Amusement 19

Well I nearly got asphyxiated in order to bring you my sons Daily Amusement vid.

EW Daily Amusement 18

Getting tortured at the beach now. At least we have a change of scenery from the house.