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EW Daily Amusement 17

Another highly creative daily amusement video from my 12 year old son.

EW Daily Amusement 16

He now finds it amusing to physically attack me on camera for your viewing pleasure.

EW Daily Amusement 15

Apparently it is amusing because it is not amusing.

EW Daily Amusement 13/14

Moving from the Kitchen on to my sons Bed for the latest bout of daily torture.

EW Daily Amusement 12

So I eventually got tortured out of my computer chair and instead made it to the kitchen for one of the boys Daily Amusement videos.

EW Daily Amusement 10/11

I am still sitting in my chair trying to something to earn some money while continues to think it's funny to do everything to piss me off to the ultimate level. I guess that is just what comes with being a parent in the 21st century.

EW Daily Amusement 7/8/9

Well, I don't know about you folks but these Daily Amusement videos are wearing a bit thin!

EW Daily Amusement 6

Percy the Devil does his daily routine visit to my reality and my son was there to capture it on video so you can join in the fun.

EW Daily Amusement 5

Some more 'Daily Boringness' with me in front of the computer and my son trying to get me to amuse his pea brain.

EW Daily Amusement 3/4

My son continues to bug my tits and capture it for your sadistic pleasure.