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Pat's Barbeque

Pat’s Barbeque

Nob Stewart attended a barbeque at his friend Pat's house in a village in Antalya. He of course rocked the house and got the place jumpin!
Aspendos Opera

Aspendos Opera

Nob Stewart went to see an Opera at the ancient Aspendos Ampitheatre with his son and three beautiful women.

Halloween Party

Nob Stewart was asked to run the Fancy Dress competition and the Karaoke as well as DJ at a Halloween Party in Shakers Pub in Antalya.

World Cup Prostitutes

Nob Stewart gives us his thoughts on prostition and also the 2006 World Cup in Germany

If Ye Had A Vineyard

Nob Stewart introduces two songs by one of his favourite artists, Sinead O'Connor.

Psychotic Reaction

Nob Stewart introduces one of his favourite songs, a 1960's garage classic by The Count Five.


Nob Stewart introduces the song Gloria by Patti Smith.

Pussy Hunt

Nob Stewart was separated from his wife so he goes on what he calls a 'pussy hunt'. Needless to say the results were not fruitful in the slightest.
Website Presentation

Website Presentation

A video of a website presentation that Nob Stewart performed to his fellow classmates of the web design course with Net Resources in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Nob In The Ferry

Burd Watching

Nob Stewart pays a visit to 'The Ferry' which is located behind the Skinflats in Central Scotland with his big pal Andy.