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Nob Today – 5/5/15

Nob talks about how he finished making love quickly so he could watch the Snooker. Then goes on to rant about Russell Brand changing his tune and telling people to vote.

Nob Today – 4/5/15

Nob Stewart talks about his health issues because of the incredibly poor diet he has and how his neighbour taunts him by sending photos of her doing Pilates on the beach.

Nob Today – 28/4/15

Nob Stewart talks about Mark Devlin's post on Facebook about Russell Brand. A Religious Ritual in Nepal which kills 300,000 animals every 5 years.

Nob Today – 20/4/15

Nob Stewart talks about the 420 protest in glasgow and how they should free themselves first before trying to free the weed.

Nob Today – 19/4/15

Nob Stewart talks about a Karaoke night that he hosted that ended badly once he started to sing and how he lives off cheese sandwiches.

Nob Today – 17/4/15

Nob Stewart goes on a rant aboot governments, apathetic voters, nanotechnology and the sheeple in general.

Nob Today – 16/4/15

Nob Stewart talks about how he spams Twitter with his updates from his blog and how he got treated to a meal when he had no cash to buy any food for himself.

Nob Today – 14/4/15

Nob Stewart gives us his latest thoughts of the day where he talks about how nobody turned up for his gig and how the Earth is actually flat....maybe.

Nob Today – 13/4/15

Nob Stewart talks about his gig tonight and his lack of rehearsals as well as ranting about people being idiots and Hillary Clinton running for President.

Nob Today – 12/4/15

Nob Stewart talks about how he had a dodgy stomach and how that led him to taking a shower which didn't go too well. He then rants about the Grand National Bleeding Hearts.