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Nob Today 29/11/13

Nobs Latest Nob Today.

Nob Today 126

Nobs latest Nob Today.

Ayahausca Sessions

Nob Stewart spent some time in the company of the Shaman, Peter Azia, partaking in Ayahausca Sessions in Amsterdam, Devon and Bristol.

Nob Music Taste

Nob was really drunk one night and recorded a video blog while playing some Krautrock music on his computer.

Nob Today’s – 5-96

Nob Stewart recorded a lot of video blogs a few years ago and has collected them here in a playlist for your viewing pleasure....or pain. Take your pick.

Nob Today 4 – Drinking and Shagging

Nob Stewart talks about his two favourite subjects.

Nob Today 3 -Consoling My Friend

Nob Stewart talks about the death of the wife of a friend.

Nob Today 2.5 -Presidential Campaign

Nob Stewart gives us some opinions on politics. I don't think he's a fan.

Nob Stewart Today 2 – Human Evolution

Nob Stewart gives us his inspired thoughts about humans and our supposed evolution.

Nob Today 1 – Marital Sex

Nob Stewarts starts his regular daily blogs by talking about his sex life with his wife in his usual blunt direct manner.